Build Your Business with S.H.I.T

What makes people successful? Why does it seems some people are just naturally successful at business? Is it because they are lucky? Or do they have some magical powers that makes every person they meet want to do business with them?

NO – it’s their personality and the fact that they know their S.H.I.T. (Smart, highly intuitive techniques).Successful people love what they do, they are passionate about their job and it shows. They stay educated on their business and they are excellent at customer service. They know their target market well and they take a vested interest in their clients and their prospective clients. They are confident, personable and ‘real’.

Let’s be honest, are you just reading this blog because the word S.H.I.T is in the title? Did I grab your attention? Does the word S.H.I.T suddenly make me more of a ‘real’ person to you? You have to be careful with words and actions depending on your target market. For me, I’ve spent the last 15 years working in an industry primarily dominated by highly successful people each with a great sense of humor. I know my target market really well so I’m pretty sure I can get away with using the word S.H.I.T.

Part of knowing your S.H.I.T is also part of becoming a brand. You have to become a recognizable brand to those in your target market. I was fortunate enough to work with a man who was the king of brand marketing. As a high school football coach he used a form of branding to unite a team and it got them a state championship. As an entrepreneur his signature gold and black (along with his excellent customer service and doing what’s best for the client) earned him the status of one of the most successful financial advisors in the industry.

His brand was and still is consistent across all media from the clothes he wears, to the car he drives, to his office, website, social media and advertising. Visually his brand has become associated with feelings of trust, loyalty and expertise. People feel safe putting their money and their futures with him. He’s not selling financial products – he’s selling peace of mind. He knows his S.H.I.T and he taught me a lot of S.H.I.T. What did he teach me? Too much to write in this blog but here are a few key things.

  1. Always do what’s best for the client – it’s a win-win
  2. Go above and beyond what’s expected of you – offer excellent customer service
  3. Be an expert in your field
  4. Do what you love
  5. Have fun
  6. Brand yourself and/or your company – become recognizable
  7. Network
  8. Ask for referrals
  9. Dress for success
  10. Own the restaurant across the street from your office and take people to lunch there (Okay, so maybe this one doesn’t apply to everyone.)

I hoped this helped and now you can’t say that I’ve never given you S.H.I.T. (smiley face)

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