The Business Card is Not Dead

In our virtual world there are many ways to connect with people online but the idea of networking with people face-to-face is certainly not dead and therefore neither is the business card. Think of a business card as an extension of yourself and your business. What does your business card say about you? Is it unique to you and your business? Does it stand out in pile of business cards?

Here are some great ideas for creating an unforgettable business card!

1. Make your business card a useful tool, something that will stay in front of the prospect or client. If you are a

  • Financial Planner – put financial planning tips & goals on the back of your card OR important dates and reminders of when you should review your plans and do your taxes.
  • Hair Stylist – print your card on a small comb.
  • Construction Worker – print your card on the back of a piece of sand paper.
  • Therapist – print your card on a stress ball.
  • Person who needs a business card – print your card on any of the following
    • Drink coaster
    • Book mark
    • Sticky notes
    • Magnet

2. Create a card that at first glance it becomes clear what business you are in. If you are a/an

  • Photographer – print your card on paper that looks like film negatives.
  • CPA – print your card on paper that looks like a calculator.
  • Baker – print your card on paper that looks like a cookie or cinnamon roll.
  • Artist – make sure your card is a piece of art.
  • Social Media Manager – make sure all the icons and addresses of where you can find your business are located on your card.

3. Make a standard card unique by printing it on paper with the following:

  • Scalloped or frayed edges
  • A hole or cutout in it
  • Brightly colored or shiny
  • A specific shape – oval, triangle
  • A photo on it

4. Make the printing on the card unique.

  • Pick a fun font
  • Use embossed or raised print
  • Use bold, italic and underline
  • Use fun colored print on a white card
  • Make your name and phone number huge and everything else small

There are many, many business card companies out there that would love to help you create a unique card. These companies are here to stay and so is the business card. So create your card, hand it out to everyone you know and start making an impression!

business cards 2

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