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Make More Money In 2019

As the New Year approaches it’s hard not to think of our goals for 2019. What do we really want for the new year and how do we want 2019 to be different from 2018? Do we want more free time? More money? More success? More charitable giving?

A lot of people are driven by money – so in order to make more money in 2019 we need to do the following:

Get organized. I wish you could just say “I want to make more money in 2019” and it would happen but unfortunately the world doesn’t work that way. You need to spend some time getting organized. Create a list of priorities. Make a game plan. Schedule your calendar out in advance. Create a list of top prospects. Create a list of clients you can help by offering them more services or products. Carve out a few days and get this done. Set yourself up for success in 2019 by planning it now.

Stay positive. Positive energy really can make great things happen. Your positive mood is contagious and those around you will feel that. Your clients, family, friends and random people will feel your positivity and good things will happen. Do you like doing business with positive people?

Manifest your success. I’m sure you’ve never heard the saying “If you build it, they will come?” All I have to say is I’m originally from Iowa, so I’ve heard it once or twice, or maybe one million times. But how about “If you believe it, it will come true.” Successful people have been manifesting their success ever since they were children. They believed in themselves and they knew they’d achieve greatness.

Take risks. You get this one life, so you may as well live it up. Take risks and don’t be afraid to fail. Everything is a lesson and without risks, rewards and failures we aren’t growing. Stepping outside your comfort zone is were real growth begins.

Be realistic with your time. Once you’ve gotten organized and you’re staying positive, you’re manifesting your success and you’re taking a few risks – are you able to do it all? All successful people have help. It’s impossible to do it alone. Are there tasks you hate that you can outsource? Are there low dollar tasks you can outsource? You want to spend your time doing what you love and then outsource the rest. Hiring an assistant is a great return on your investment. How? If you spend $1,000 a month on an assistant and that assistant just freed up 40 hours of your time – imagine what you could do with that 40 hours? Probably make way more than $1,000!

If your goal is to make more money in 2019 – follow the steps above and get ready for success. Let’s make 2019 the best year yet!