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Bust A Move!

The 4th quarter begins Wednesday! AHHHH!! It’s time to bust a move and get crackin. There are sales to be had and business to gain. So how do we keep the momentum going during this last quarter? Especially when we compete with not just one but several holidays?

We stay motivated and we stay productive. Now is the time to have a clear mind, clear goals and laser focus. Here are some of the most popular traits of productive people.

  1. They are positive. Positive people emit positive energy. That positive energy is contagious and can affect your business and your sales. If you are positive about your product, positive about your day, positive about the fact that the waitress just spilled water all over your pants during that important business meeting, it shows. People are drawn to positive people. It makes them feel good and they are more likely to conduct business with a positive person.
  2. They work out. Working out is invigorating and energizing. It allows you to get through your busy day, it allows you to stay more focused and it helps you sleep better, and as you know – good sleep helps you be more productive as well.
  3. They don’t allow themselves to be distracted by non-productive things or interruptions. Now what does that mean? That means when they should be on the phone making sales calls or meeting with people who can help them make more sales, they are doing just that. They aren’t on Facebook checking out pictures of their friends new boat, or playing Candy Crush, or flipping through People magazine – they are WORKING. These people know what’s important and they stick to it.
  4. They have a morning routine for personal time and they stick to it! The most productive people set aside time for themselves each morning before their work day begins to do whatever it is they enjoy. So use your morning time to work-out, flip through your People magazine, play Candy Crush or check your FB. Make this morning routine a must. Personal time is very important. We all need some ‘me’ time now and then.
  5. They plan their day. You are way more productive when you can hit the ground running first thing in the morning. When you are armed with a scheduled day and/or a To Do List you can accomplish amazing things.
  6. They stay motivated! Motivation is key. Always be moving forward, always be growing, always be learning and always be selling! Or ABC – Always Be Closing.

So turn up the bass and get pumped up for the best 4th quarter of your career! 2015 is near and we still have lots to do!



Friday Fun Day vs. Friday Sales Day

I have found that many of you have realized over the years that Friday may not be the best day of the week to make sales calls. Depending on your profession, and the time of year, most of your clients can be found be on the golf course, at the beach or just out of the office. A three day weekend does sound lovely but what if you are one of those business people that need Friday. You have quotas to meet, goals to reach, and a spouse, four kids and a dog to feed!

Why not turn Friday Sales Day into Friday Fun Day … if your clients or prospects aren’t going to be in the office on Friday for you to see them then plan something that will make them want to come see you. Schedule a golf outing, host a clam bake at the beach or if it’s the middle of winter and you live in a colder climate hit a movie, find an indoor golf club or go bowling. I recently read about a financial advisor in Florida who targets prospective clients in her running group and then invites them to Spa Parties. Now I personally think that sounds like a fabulous way to spend a Friday afternoon!

Now you probably aren’t going to host an event every Friday so what do you do on the Fridays that you are in the office and all of your prospects are out and about? You use this time to market your business with social media. Social media is a fantastic tool but it can be very time consuming. Block out your Friday afternoons to spend time on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and any other social medium that your target market may be found. Use this time to make connections, post specials, sales or anything enticing that would make a person want to contact you.

Or use Fridays to catch up on paperwork, update your accounting records or make a list of people you need to follow up with or contact for the next week. In other words, use Friday to get organized for the following week. You never know … Friday may just become your most productive day of the week!

So what am I doing this Friday afternoon? I’m writing this blog and posting it on social media. Then I might just have to hit the spa!





Increase Sales With Goal Setting

I love goal setting and find it quite fun actually. I have found goal setting to be a powerful tool in both my personal and professional life. I’ve always been one to have goals, write them down, dream about them and work hard to achieve them. Maybe it’s my type A personality … I was the oldest child after all. Or maybe it’s because goal setting has worked very well for me.

Even though I had set goals for myself almost my entire life it wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties did I really start to use goal setting to its full potential. I was fortunate enough to get a job working with a very successful financial advisor who was very big on goal setting. He taught me a great deal in the two years I worked with him and it’s what he taught me that I continue to use today in my own business.

So how does goal setting work? Well first, you need to have some goals. Everyone has goals right? Sales goals, health goals, career goals, family goals, etc. Write all of them down and put them into categories such as career – family – personal, etc. For this article I’m going to focus on sales goals.

Let’s say you have an annual sales goal of $24 million. In order to stay focused and motivated we are going to break that annual goal down into a monthly goal. So your monthly sales goal will be $2 million. Now for the month you just focus on selling $2 million worth of product, premium or service – whatever it may be. You can break that down even further if you like and have a goal of $500,000 per week but typically a month goes by fast enough and your weekly sales may fluctuate a little so having monthly goals has always worked best for me.

Write down your monthly goal and put it somewhere where you can see it. On your computer, in your planner, you want to be able to look at this daily! To make achieving goals even more fun feel free to associate a reward with a particular goal. For instance, if you reach your sales goals for October you’re going to buy that expense golf club you’ve always wanted. Or, if you reach your sales goals in February, you’re going to book a weekend getaway for March. I realize some companies have incentive trips and those are great rewards to work towards. Or maybe you are saving or a new home, a new boat, a new car, whatever it may be … tie it to your sales goals.

Looking at your daily goals motivates you to make that last phone call, schedule that last meeting and to use your time productively. Achieving your goals feels great and becomes the stepping stone for you to achieve even more the next time. Writing your goals down on paper reinforces the goal. Drawing a relevant picture next to your goals is also a great way to remember them and to stay focused on them. So if you want that new home, car, boat or trip tack a picture of it or them up next to your desk or computer and you’ll be amazed at how much you can achieve when your goals are always right in front of you!

To make goal setting even more effective write down the goal, how you plan on reaching that goal and how you intend on implementing the plan. For example:

Goal: $24 million in sales for 2015.

Plan: $2 million in sales each month by hosting lunch events, conducting annual reviews and getting referrals.

Action: Host one lunch event per month, follow up with attendees, schedule annual reviews for the month, gain referrals from existing clients at their review.

Goal setting can be as simple or as detailed as you like but the key is to set the goals, write them down and look at them often. Happy goal setting and good luck! Remember, the sky is no longer the limit because we can go further than the sky.