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Do You Need An Automated Sales Funnel?

Automated sales funnel creation companies have been dominating my Facebook feed with sponsored ads lately. I’m sure you’ve seen them, so how do you know if you need one?

In case you don’t know – a sales funnel is a step-by-step process that allows you to bring your potential client one step closer to doing business with you using a series of marketing actions like automated emails, videos, articles and landing pages that do the selling for you.

Sales funnels are perfect for anyone who is looking for a continuous flow of sales. This sounds fantastic right? The catch is these sales funnels need to be set up properly following a series of steps, plus you must be able to handle the amount of leads generated from the funnel.

You may be surprised at the number of people who pay to set up these funnels yet never consider how they are going to handle the increase in growth to their business.

Why would you want a sales funnel?

Sales funnels have four main benefits:

  1. Having processes in place to systematically generate new leads.
  2. Being able to build relationships with leads automatically through processes and automation.
  3. Turning prospects into paying customers.
  4. Getting repeat business by selling more products or services to existing customers.

Here are a few additional benefits:

  1. You can do as little or as much lead generation as you want.

Once you have your system established, you can scale your business by focusing on improving your products or services. You know that people will be systematically taken care of and converted into customers by your system automatically.

  1. Your profits and revenue will be consistent and predictable once you’ve tested your funnel and have it working.
  2. You will be able to measure how your business is performing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis by analyzing your performance dashboard and analytics.
  3. You will also be able to more effectively communicate with your team and make better decisions based on data.

Before choosing to use an automated sales funnel, consider these four things.

  1. Do you want to grow your business?
  2. Can you handle growth in your business?
  3. Are you willing to invest some time and money to get the sales funnel up and running?
  4. Are you willing to invest some time and money for the added staff you may need to help you run your business as it grows?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the questions above then you are a prime candidate for a sales funnel. Sales funnels have become a great way to increase business growth and income potential. They can be complicated and cumbersome depending on your business needs, so it is imperative to work with a professional.

The great news is you don’t need to spend ten thousand dollars to get a great automated sales funnel. We now offer sales funnel creation at very reasonable prices! Please contact me at for more details & stay tuned next week for my post on How To Create a Sales Funnel.

Danae Branson is the Founder of Elite Scheduling Services. She provides virtual assistant services in scheduling, administration, marketing, social media and lead generation to professionals in the financial industry.

Embrace Change!

Industries change, technologies change, demographics change and target markets can change. In business, don’t fear change – embrace it! I’ve known successful business owners who have refused to see the changes coming only to regret not making the adjustments they needed sooner to weather those changes.

Change can take patience and dedication, but almost always – change is necessary. As we evolve as humans and the world around us changes our needs and desires change. Take the tiny house revolution for instance, twenty years ago would you have ever dreamed that people would be flocking to live in super teeny tiny houses? Absolutely not! Twenty years ago, everyone wanted the large lavish dream home.

We’ve seen the ‘work-from-home’ revolution, the ‘I’m going to travel the world’ revolution, the ‘work-life balance’ revolution and let’s not forget Amazon. The world is changing and if we are to keep up, we too must change.

Change isn’t always easy, but it can be fun. My firm is going through some big changes right now and I’m super excited about it. I’m looking at it as a new chapter in my life – a new adventure.

How do you know if you should make a change in your business? Take a look at your business – what can be improved upon? Are there new experiences you can provide your clients? Have you just begun to scratch the surface of your target market? Is it possible for you to scale your business to help even more people and make even more money? Do you want to grow your business? Some people are happy with the business they have and don’t wish to expand and that’s okay. A lot of that is dependent on your personality, your industry and where you are in your life.

I know a forty-year old woman who very much wants to grow her business. She knows it could be so much bigger and plans on running it for the next thirty years. On the other hand, I know a sixty-five-year-old who is content leaving her business where it is, she could very easily grow her business but because she plans to retire in a few years she doesn’t want to expand.

If you’ve decided to grow, you must change. But don’t fear change – embrace it! If you are frustrated and at a loss on how to grow your company in this ever-changing world, hire someone to do it for you. The most successful people I know aren’t doing it alone, they’ve been smart in hiring the right people to help them achieve the success they have.

If you are serious about change, carve out some time in your schedule and take a look at where you have the most growth potential, formulate a plan and hire the help you need. Embrace change and allow it to work for you!

Danae Branson is the Founder of Elite Scheduling Services. She provides scheduling, administrative and marketing services to professionals in the financial industry.