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Embrace Failure!

I love being an entrepreneur and running my own business! I am one of those people whose brain never stops. I’m always coming up with new ideas, new strategies and new ways to increase sales, productivity, motivation, etc. I have notebooks upon notebooks of my notes on what works and what doesn’t and I’ve managed to grow a business using only word-of-mouth marketing and online networking.

The key is to learn from your mistakes, embrace them and then don’t make them again. Sometimes in business there may be something that just is NOT working, however, some of us feel the need to continue to do that thing because that’s all we know. Well it’s time to learn a new way of doing things. A way that will produce sales, a way to grow your reach and a way to achieve your goals. Spinning your wheels isn’t fun and it’s certainly not productive so why do so many of us do it? Because we don’t know how to embrace our failures and we don’t know where to go for help. Some of the most successful people in the world didn’t get where they are today until they started embracing their failures and asking for help. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak or unknowledgeable, asking for help means you want to continue to grow.

We all must continue to grow. I sure as heck don’t know everything about running a business but I know a lot. And I keep learning and growing and asking. I am also, by nature, a very curious person. I’m curious about marketing, technology and how to build a better business. I read Entrepreneur magazine and follow some of the most influential marketers out there. It’s fun to learn from them and to learn from their mistakes. I’ve found that a lot of people are very willing to share their successes as well as their failures.

Failure makes us stronger, failure makes us wiser and failure makes us more successful! The easiest thing to do is to look at your business and ask yourself “Is this working?” Are you happy with your business? Are you achieving the outcomes you were hoping for? If not, how can you change what you are doing? Look to others in your industry to see what they are doing that is successful. Competition is healthy. There is plenty of business to go around and in some industries there will be several people willing to help you out!

I’ve realized that transparency, excellent customer service and communication are key. Admit when you are wrong, take responsibility for your actions and you may just get a second chance to prove yourself! Everyone makes mistakes and if you own up to them you are far better off. I’ve also learned that it’s impossible to make everyone happy. There are a lot of different personalities in this world and you will exhaust yourself trying to cater to every one of them. Do your best and stick with what you are successful at – even the most successful companies out there have a person or two that didn’t really care for their products or services.

The truth is everyone must fail at something in order to succeed. Well, at least normal people must. So embrace your failures, be inspired by them and then use them to become the person you always wanted to be!

Become a Success With the 80/20 Rule!

As a business owner and entrepreneur I am constantly trying to find ways to become more efficient, to manage my time more wisely and to get more done in one hour than I ever thought possible. It wasn’t until I came across the 80/20 rule that I was able to truly embrace the concept of efficiency.

Did you realize that 80% of your results are achieved by 20% of your efforts? Or another way to look at it is that 80% of your income is generated by 20% of your activity or 80% of your income is generated by 20% of your clients! For some business professionals this is when they start to look at their business and say – ‘Wow! If 20% of my clients are generating 80% of my income I need to take a serious look at where I’m spending my time.”

Now although only 20% of your efforts results in 80% of your results that doesn’t mean that you can just stop doing the other 80% of your efforts all together. We all know that there are certain things – non-money making things – that one must do in order to continue to be successful. So here’s where the good news comes in – focus on the 20% that matters and outsource the rest.

Outsourcing is a great concept. It allows people to increase their productivity by freeing up tons of time that they were spending doing meaningless tasks like booking travel, online ordering, updating databases, booking speaking engagements, planning events, updating frequent flier miles, reconciling sales figures, staying on top of social media accounts, proofreading, SEO, and the list goes on and on. Look at your to-do list, how much of that could you outsource? Once you are able to outsource the bulk of your tasks you’ve just opened up your world to allow more income to pour in.

There are books, magazine articles and posts on this concept. You can apply the 80/20 rule to business, your health, your personal life – anything you like. Start working smarter today to live the lifestyle you want. Maybe your dreams aren’t about building a bigger business or making more money. Maybe your dreams include working less and enjoying a lifestyle where your passions exceed your possessions. In any case the rule of 80/20 can help you become successful – whatever your definition of success is. And by applying the 80/20 rule you can achieve your success today!

Exciting News About Elite!

For those who don’t know – Elite Scheduling Services, LLC, is a premier scheduling services company offering scheduling assistance to wholesalers, financial advisors and other professionals in the financial industry. Although our expertise is in the financial industry we’ve had many requests to work with professionals outside of the financial industry. We now have the capacity to accommodate those requests with a completely new service.

Elite has partnered with the virtual assistant firm Laura Licursi, LLC to offer virtual assistant services to small business owners, executives, business professionals and anyone needing a virtual assistant. I have worked with Laura Licursi for over 10 years. Laura is a dedicated and hardworking entrepreneur that I have grown to respect and admire. Laura and her team have the expertise of assisting clients with administrative tasks, marketing, social media and client relations.

I will continue to manage Elite and the scheduling assistants that specialize in the financial industry. Laura will manage Laura Licursi, LLC and the virtual assistants that specialize in the areas of administration, marketing, social media and client services for financial advisors, small business owners and entrepreneurs.

For details on the scheduling services for the financial industry please check out If you are looking for virtual assistant services please check out

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