Monthly Archives: February 2017

How Valuable Is Your Time?

When reevaluating your business for this year the value of your time is something to seriously consider especially for those who are trying to grow a business and/or create a more efficient and productive business.

Are you spending your time on the tasks that require only your skills and knowledge? Are you spending your time on the tasks that are making you money? You should regularly reevaluate your business – whether you do this quarterly, twice per year or annually, you must do it!

Reevaluating your business allows you to review your progress and review your goals. If you are falling short of a goal – realign your business plan to match your goals, if you are exceeding your goals then realign your business plan to reach even greater goals.

Reevaluating your business also allows you to see just where you are spending your time and money. There are both time and cost saving measures that may become evident while you are determining what it is you are actually doing in a day or month.

The business professionals who come to me for help have decided that they are spending too much time chasing appointments and not enough time selling or they really just hate cold calling. Either way they find a great return on their investment when they hire an appointment setter to do the appointment setting for them so they can spend more time selling.

Many business professionals may realize they are spending too much time on other aspects of their business and not enough time selling their services or working with their clients. There are many things that a person can outsource. A few of the most popular outsourced tasks are below.

  1. Administrative tasks
  2. Marketing
  3. Social Media
  4. Appointment Setting
  5. Event Planning

Whether you decide you need to hire help or not just keep a few things in mind.

  • Are you spending your time efficiently?
  • Could you make more money if you hired help?
  • Look at the big picture – sometimes it takes money to make money.

At the end of the day know how much your time is worth. Your time is valuable and you should treat it as such if you want to grow your business. Just remember – you are wo