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NEW Year NEW Goals!

It’s 2019 and it’s time to decide what we want this year to look like. We’ve all heard about goal setting and about writing our goals down and putting them where we can see them. This works for a lot of people. But for some of us we need to take this a step further.

I recently had the opportunity to watch Rachel Hollis speak at my local high school auditorium. I’m part of a women’s business organization in my town and we were fortunate enough to book Rachel as part of our scholarship fundraiser. I would imagine we were one of the smallest venues she’s spoken too but with a room filled with 1,000 women and a few men, you could tell we all listened intently.

All of us laughed, some of us cried and since we were all forced to dance – a few of us may have peed our pants a little. For those of you unfamiliar with Rachel Hollis, she is an America author, motivational speaker and blogger. Her rise to fame came with the publication of her book Girl, Wash Your Face and she has achieved cult-like status around the world.

One of the things she said about goal setting that I found most interesting was that you should write your goals down as if you’ve already achieved them. And you should start each day by writing down those goals. I had heard that writing goals down as if you’ve already achieved them allows the brain to realize what you are working towards. You don’t ‘want’ something, you already have it. Examples of goals a person may have and how you should write them:

I am an exceptional spouse.

I exercise for 30 minutes every day.

I make $10,000 per month.

I travel often.

I was especially intrigued by the writing them down everyday part. I’m typically a motivated, high energy person but I have had days where I just want to sit on the sofa and watch TV, or in the summer sit at the beach and read a magazine. I go through a few  lows each year where I feel my motivation slip and I don’t always know how to get it back. Well now I know that if I start each day by writing down my goals as if I’ve already achieved them it gives me a clear path on what needs to be accomplished, it gives me focus and it gives me the burst of energy I need to keep driving towards those goals.

At the end of the day if you really want to make 2019 your most successful year yet – get cracking on that goal writing. Keep track and you will be amazed and how many of the goals you write down will come true. With hard work and dedication, anything is possible!