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Wholesalers – Make More Time For You!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with external wholesalers a.k.a. regional vice-presidents for the past 11 years and the one thing I have learned is they are certainly a very busy, hard-working bunch! You can see the drive and motivation in each one of them. They strive to provide the best service possible to their clients all while keeping their employer happy but unfortunately too many of them end up running themselves ragged. The majority of them are excellent salespeople – they could sell a ketchup popsicle to a person wearing white gloves- but organization isn’t always their strong suit.

If you are a wholesaler – I’m assuming you are busy enough so continue to read on for some tips and tricks that will help make your life easier and quite possibly allow you to make some time for you. It’s amazing what carving out some time for planning and organization will do for you and your business!

  1. Organize your calendar! Create loops or rotations and plan out your calendar for at least three months in advance. If you get real ambitious plan it out for six or even twelve months. Your future self will thank you!
  2. Rank your clients and prospects. If you rank your contacts as you go it will save a lot of time down the road. Some rank them A, B, C or others might have a code word for each type of contact. For example rank all of your top clients A – these are people you want to see again and people you hope to continue to get business out of. Rank the promising ones a B. You may not get a lot of out them or nothing at all right at first but you know you can get them to sell your product in the future. Rank those that you do NOT want to waste any more time on a C. This also comes in handy when working with a scheduling assistant. Your assistant won’t waste her time and your money calling people who aren’t worth your time.
  3. Lists – each week generate lists that you can use in your appointment setting. Generate a list for Top Clients, Top Prospects, New Selling Agreements, Clients who haven’t dropped a ticket in 60 days, Clients you haven’t seen in 90 days, etc. These lists are a great way for you to dial away and get appointments – or if you work with a scheduling assistant have your assistant call on these lists.
  4. Create your hook. What makes your product so special? Why would an advisor want to meet with you? You need a hook. Do you have a hot new product, is your product closing and it’s too good of a product for your clients to pass up? Is your product making headlines or had an above average quarter? Advisors are being bombarded my wholesalers so what makes you stand out from the pack? Use your great personality and your product’s uniqueness to your advantage!
  5. Door openers. Over the years several wholesalers I’ve worked with have used door openers as a way to visit with an advisors or as an appreciation gift for their time. You can get creative with these – perhaps you don’t necessarily use them to get in the door but during your first visit you get to know the advisor and you use the door opener to get in the door a second time.
  6. Find out what you can do to make your advisor’s life easier? Perhaps you can help them find a solution to a problem that will also mean sales for you! Email me ( for an idea that some wholesalers are using to stand out from the rest and help their advisors.
  7. Set goals! I am very big on goal setting. It’s a way to stay motivated and to continue to strive for more. Write down what you want and how you are going to get it. Keep your goals and plan for success in front of you every day. If you plan to succeed and follow the steps to get there you WILL succeed!
  8. Hire an assistant. If you are just way too busy selling to do anything else and your internal is either maxed out or non-existent then hire an assistant. A professional, experience assistant can help you schedule appointments, plan events, do your expenses, write your thank you notes and holiday cards, plan your travel, order flowers for your grandma, etc. See next week’s blog for hiring the perfect assistant!


Danae Branson is the founder of Elite Scheduling Services. She provides scheduling and virtual assistant services to wholesalers, financial advisors and other professionals in the financial industry. You can learn more about her company at

The Power of Word-of-Mouth Referrals

I feel like I’ve written this before but I’ll write it again – I feel fortunate to offer a service in a niche market that has become a really small world. Word-of-mouth referrals are a great way to get business without spending a ton of marketing dollars.

So how do you get word-of-mouth referrals? Offer excellent products and services along with customer service to your existing clients. Your clients will be so happy with your business that they will refer you to others – but typically only when it comes up in conversation. So to ensure you get more word-of-mouth referrals from your happy clients just ask for them. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

There are a variety of ways to ask for a referral.

Email Taglines

I’ve seen a handful of people use a tagline at the bottom of their emails. In my opinion these aren’t used enough – in fact, I’m adding one to my email now. There are several variations of these and a few of them are below.

*The greatest compliment to my service is referring me to others. Thank you!

* If you are happy with the services I provide, please share with others.

* My business is growing! If you are happy with my service please share your experience with others.

Start paying attention to the emails you receive and look to see if anyone you are currently doing business with uses a referral statement. Chances are you can already think of one right now.

Ask in Person

If you deal directly with clients and customers, ask them in person. There are a variety of ways you can mention it without sounding needy. See a few examples below.

*I hope you’ll recommend my scheduling service to any of your colleagues that really need help with appointment setting.

* By the way, if you ever have a friend in the business you think might benefit from my service feel free to pass my contact information along to them.

*I absolutely love helping financial professionals grow their businesses. I am expanding my business so if you know of anyone you think might benefit from my services please feel free to pass their info along to me – or pass my info along to them. Thank you!

Social Media

Include your referral statement on your social media as well. A client may follow you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or the various other social media platforms people are on today. Be sure to include you referral statement there, too.

You just never know how one little statement can contribute to the growth of your business. It takes a few minutes to come up with one, but doesn’t cost any money to add it to what you already have so it’s definitely worth a shot. What’s the worst that can happen? Someone doesn’t refer you? What if a high percentage of the people you ask do refer you? Your business can expand exponentially with just some simple word-of-mouth referrals.

Danae Branson is the founder of Elite Scheduling Services. She provides appointment setting and virtual assistant services to financial professionals.

I absolutely love helping financial professionals grow their businesses. I am expanding my business so if you know of anyone you think might benefit from my services please feel free to pass their info along to me – or pass my info along to them. Thank you! Danae Branson




Boosting Sales in a Roller Coaster Industry

I always loved riding roller coasters as a child. Who am I kidding … I still love riding roller coasters! However, I don’t love the roller coaster that is the industry I am in but over the years I have learned to adjust. In today’s world, almost every industry is always evolving and changing. People change, businesses change, trends change and so your business plan must also change.

Perhaps years ago a business plan was meant to set it and forget it but today, especially depending on your industry, you may have to change your business plan quite frequently throughout the year. It is very important to stay abreast of the trends and changes in your industry. Sales will plateau if you aren’t staying in touch with your clients and prospects on what is changing in their lives and what they need help with today.

So how do you adjust and stay connected to all of these changes? Here are some great tips that will help you continue to grow your business in an ever changing industry.

  1. Subscribe to an industry relevant publication. Magazines, newsletters and newspapers can be great resources for knowing what’s going on in your industry. They often give you information that will help you stay ahead of the game instead of learning about changes after it’s too late.
  2. Communicate with your clients. I have noticed a huge increase in customer surveys. If I order something from Amazon they send me a survey on my customer feedback. If I call Verizon about my wireless plan they send me a customer service on my experience with them. If I stay at a hotel, I get a customer survey and if I call my bank with a question about a service they provide I get a customer survey. I will admit all of the surveys get a bit annoying so I’m not saying you have to do a survey – but just figure out your customer’s needs are and what you can do to help them. What else can you do to make their life easier? What else can you do to improve your product or service? A business should always be growing and you should always be growing with it.
  3. Attend a conference. There are conferences for everything now and they are a great way to get a lot of information in a short time and a great way to network with others in your industry. A sales persons motto may be ‘Always be closing’ yet another great motto should be ‘Always be learning’. Knowledge is one of the main things that sets a great sales person apart from a not so great salesperson.
  4. Join a network or organization. There are several networks or organizations out there that you can join that will send you industry relevant material on a regular basis. They do all the heavy lifting of staying on top of the industry and doing all the research. There are many valuable organizations out there and if you talk to your colleagues I’m sure they can give you recommendations on some great ones.
  5. Take a vacation! I know this may sound crazy but taking a vacation can actually help you grow your business. Sometimes your brain needs a break from work and just needs to relax and rejuvenate. I know so many successful people that have come up with their best ideas while on vacation or while just relaxing. You can work yourself into the ground – but the point is to work hard and play hard. You need that balance to keep going and the most successful people that also enjoy life figured that out a long time ago.


Danae Branson is the founder of Elite Scheduling Services. She provides appointment setting and administrative services to professionals in the financial industry.