Monthly Archives: March 2015

Tell Your Story & Grow Your Business!

Branding is all the buzz today. You hear people say “You need to brand yourself” or “You need to brand your company.” So what exactly does that mean? In the simplest way – it means to tell your story and share your company’s values, mission and character with the world.

Let’s say that Company A and Company B both sell paper. You’ve done the research on the paper and it’s very similar in quality and price. You’ve also noticed that the companies both offer great customer service, so who do you buy from? You buy from the company that you resonate with the most as a person and as a consumer. You buy from the company who in your eyes has the better brand.

Company A has an awesome story about how they started in the paper business and what paper means to them. They don’t see each sheet of paper as just a sheet of paper – they see each sheet of paper as a blank slate, as an opportunity to create something great, as a vehicle to pass along vital information and as a carrier of messages to the future. They feel that everyone deserves quality paper and their mission is to bring the world together using their paper. Their tagline is ‘Our paper will share your mission with the world.’

Company B’s story is that they started selling paper 15 years ago and have ever since. They sell paper of all colors and weights. Blah, blah, blah.

Who would you buy from? I’d buy from Company A because I love their brand and I love their passion! Company A is able to relay to their consumers what they stand for along with the values and character of their product. They are passionate about paper. They feel that everyone deserves quality paper and that each sheet of paper is important.

When you are branding yourself or your company be clear about your mission and values. Tell your story so that consumers know exactly who you are and what your company stands for. Branding is your opportunity to create a story that will allow your company to have a lasting impact.

Once you’ve got your creative, passionate, ‘I’m going to change the world’ story down, you can create a clever tagline, tie it into your logo and use them in all of your marketing pieces. Your story is a huge part of branding but brand recognition is about your logo, your tagline and your jingle (If you have one.) I’ll write more on brand recognition next week.

For now, brainstorm why you chose the business you are in and start creating your story, the story that will boost your business to the next level. Because if we’ve learned anything at all from the media – it’s that everyone loves a good story!