Monthly Archives: August 2015

Summer’s Almost Over; Time to Get Back to Work!

Summer always goes by way too fast! I can’t believe September is upon us, so for many of us that means we need to step up our game. We have one month left to ramp up for the best quarter ever!

Let’s start by getting organized! Make a to-do list of things that you may need to ramp back up again. Go ahead and do it now. I can wait. For me, it’s definitely my social media. I tend to decrease my social media posts in the summer and now it’s time to ramp back up. Perhaps you need to start calling on clients again, host some events or send out a mailing to generate leads. Whatever it is. Write it down!

Once you have your to-do list made write down your goals in two columns. Start with the second column and write down the goals you’ve achieved so far this year. In the first column write down the ones you have yet to achieve. It’s great to see in column two what you have accomplished and its motivation for what you still want to accomplish in the next four months. Make your future goals front and center!

Now that your to-do list and goals are written down it’s time to create your calendar. Sometimes to-do lists can seem overwhelming but when you spread out these action items across several weeks in your calendar it will appear much more manageable.

Block out time for the items on your to-do list and ask yourself ‘Are the items on my list enough for me to reach my year-end goals?’ If not, add more to the list. Do you have time to do everything on your list? If not, this is where delegating comes in handy. Delegate tasks to your employees, if you don’t have employees hire a scheduling assistant or a virtual assistant depending on your needs! Hiring an assistant is investing in your business and the only way to grow your business is to make more sales, and the only way to make more sales is to do more selling, and the only way to do more selling is to have someone else do all the businessy stuff!

By now you should have an organized to-do list, a list of goals and a completed calendar. Now get to it! If you need help with marketing, social media, scheduling, administrative or really anything else related to your business you know where to find me. And I’m always happy to help! Here’s to a fantastic year-end!