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Boost End of Year Sales!

It’s almost December and 2018 is winding down. We all want to take a break and relax for the holidays. We all deserve to have fun this holiday season, right? We also deserve to enter January feeling great about the New Year.

Remember the old adage – work hard, play hard? I for one love that philosophy. Life is about balance, we don’t enjoy the work if we can’t look forward to the play and we don’t enjoy the play if we don’t feel like we’ve worked our butts off to deserve it. Too many people start getting lazy at the end of the year and December ends up being one of their slowest months and that can unfortunately pour into January.

Let’s end this year and start the new year on the best notes possible!


Create Urgency. Why is it necessary for someone to see you and/or do business with you BEFORE December 31? Create a sense of urgency to get more appointments on your calendar over the next couple of weeks.

Give a gift. Book more appointments by asking if you can stop by to drop off a holiday gift. When you drop off the gift be sure to hook them with a great reason why they would be interested in visiting with you for a few minutes.

Offer a creative solution. Some people won’t want to meet with you because they are too busy this season – and that’s their only good reason. They aren’t thinking about the benefits your product and/or service can offer them, they are only thinking about their time. So offer a creative solution. Ask them how you can help? Would they be open to a breakfast or lunch – everyone has to eat. Would they be open to a meeting at the mall food court – maybe they need to do some holiday shopping? Would they open to a meeting at their home while you help them hang Christmas lights? Okay, maybe that one’s a bit too creative but you get the point. Think outside of the box in terms of boosting sales this season.

Have you done everything you can think of and December is just going to be a bust? Move your focus to January!


Schedule January appointments now. No matter how busy you are in December work hard to build up January. When your future self enters 2019 with a full sales calendar you’ll give yourself a pat on the back for having the foresight to plan ahead.

Hire an assistant now. At this point in the year, many people will wait until January 1 to hire a new assistant. The reality is hiring an assistant now will enable you to focus on year end sales while your assistant focuses on building your January calendar so you can come back after the holiday season with a full sales calendar.

At the end of the day if you set goals, stay organized and schedule out your weeks and months in advance you’ll be able to enjoy a virtually stress-free and successful holiday season! I should rephrase – a virtually stress-free and successful holiday season when it comes to your business … I can help you build a successful sales territory but unfortunately I can’t help you avoid your mother-in-law at Christmas.

DISCLAIMER: I’m one of the lucky ones – I enjoy my mother-in-law, who is in the same industry as me and may be reading this post. Love ya V.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!


Unique Home Offices

I love working from home and I love interior design. It’s a scientific fact that you are more inspired, motivated and productive when you are working in a space that you enjoy spending time in. Unfortunately, at times, our home offices can be the last thought we put into our careers or business. They can be dark and stuffy and disorganized. They can be a crazy disaster that cause us to roll our eyes or sigh every time we step foot in them. In an effort to inspire some creative home office design for the new year I thought it would be fun to research unique home office designs. This is what I came up with!

Don’t have enough space in your home for your home office? Take your home office outside? These home offices are made in garden sheds and other unique outdoor structures.

Archipod- An Eco-Friendly home office that takes up minimal space and is semi-portable.

archipod office


Who wouldn’t love to work out of Sheryl’s She Shed?

garden shed-office


This is an open-air portable option.



Perhaps you aren’t able to have an outdoor structure and you have very little room in your home for a home office … presenting a closet office!



Need more space saving ideas? Put a library in your ceiling.

library office


You can literally use anything to create a unique office space.



Some people have a treadmill in their office, others have a hammock for napping!

hammocks-bed office


If these home offices don’t inspire, how about more traditional home office spaces? These are a few I designed on my computer. You can be creative in a traditional office space without being too over the top. Either way, have fun with your office space. It’s most likely the one space in your home that offers you the creative freedom to do whatever you want.

Gray office

Zebra home office

office sample

Need help deciding how to redesign your space? Shoot me an email – In 2019, I’m partnering with a few interior designers that are going to be helping our clients, my virtual assistant team and others create the offices of their dreams. When you feel good about the space you’re in – you work harder and have more fun! Stay tuned for more info!

Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

Since the beginning of time sales professionals have been trying to find a seamless way to generate leads without have to subject themselves to cold calling or door-to-door type sales. As soon as social media gave professionals a way to promote their businesses on various platforms it created great success for some and an endless cycle of constant posting and management for others. As social media grew popular sales professionals were trying to figure out a way to cut through all the noise.

Enter Facebook ads. I’ve done a lot of research on Facebook ads and what type of businesses they appear to work best for. I would say that for some sales professionals Facebook advertising has been an amazing tool. Depending on your industry, the ads can create an endless funnel of leads and a great return on investment.

Facebook is still the number one social media platform with 1.32 billion active daily users. 79% of American use the platform and 53% of Americans use Facebook several times a day. You know them, your friends and family who spend countless hours scrolling on Facebook afraid they’ll miss out on something.

When it comes to the Facebook ads you can custom create ads for your target market that will only be seen by your target market. These ads are not only great tools to generate leads but a way to create a brand. These ads can deliver your story, your vision and the benefits of doing business with you directly to your ideal client.

Overall the average click through rate on the Facebook ads are 0.9%. Some industries, such as the legal industry, average a rate of 1.61% while the finance & insurance industry averages 0.56%. Now there are several ways to look at this. For one the finance & insurance industry would include all insurance agents, financial advisors, planners, coaches, banks, credit unions, etc. That is a very large number of professionals with potentially very different target markets. For instance, if you’re are a financial planner and your target market is ages 60+ you will get a lower click through rate than if your target market was 40+. Why? Because there are more 40-year-olds spending time on Facebook than 60-year-olds.  Due to such a wide array of circumstances the numbers can be subjective.

How about the cost per clicks?

The apparel industry averages $0.45 per click whereas the finance & insurance industry averages $3.77 per click. This is a wide range but again, the numbers are subjective. Someone selling a t-shirt is going to make far less than a financial advisor selling a life insurance policy.

It really doesn’t matter what the cost per click is, what matters is the rate of return. If you are still curious about what type of people are using Facebook ads, look at your own Facebook page. What type of professionals do you see sponsored ads for? In my Facebook feed alone, there are far more people paying for ads to sell clothing than there are financial products. I’ve recently noticed a local realtor with sponsored ads, but I have yet to notice a local financial advisor.

I talk to people all the time about financial advisors and they always ask me where to look for them. Most of these people range in age from 40 – 60. Perhaps financial advisors should consider advertising on Facebook to generate leads.

But are Facebook ads worth it? If you have a powerful message and market to only your ideal client, then yes, I do believe Facebook advertising can be a very beneficial lead generation tool.

Setting up and maintaining the ads can be a bit cumbersome so if you aren’t comfortable managing the ads yourself you can always hire someone to manage your social media for you – sometimes, depending on the company you choose, the person managing your social media may even be able to set appointments with the leads generated from those ads as well.

If you are interested in learning more about the Facebook ad program through my company that also includes a scheduling assistant please feel free to email me at