Monthly Archives: February 2015

Positive Marketing = Positive Impact

Every year, on the first Sunday in February, viewers clamber to their television sets to watch some of the most memorable commercials in history. Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration because between all the commercials there is a football game going on. I think some people probably watch the commercials for the game! But from a marketer’s point of view, the Super Bowl is all about the commercials. It’s been very interesting over the years to see how some of the most popular brands spend their ad dollars. I love the creativity, the humor and the intelligence that goes into these commercials. I typically think of the Super Bowl commercials as being hysterically funny but this year I noticed a change in messaging. Many of the brands went with very positive and empowering messages. Their ads made you think, they made you cry and they made you view their products in a positive way.
A Coca-Cola spill didn’t destroy the hate-filled internet, it turned it into a joyful place. With Coca-Cola running through it’s veins the new internet was about love, understanding and acceptance. It spoke to people of all ages and it gave people those warm fuzzies that make you think, “Coke really is a great brand.”
McDonald’s alternative method of payment, pay with lovin’, was a great way to show their emphasis on giving back. Healthy lifestyles are on the rise and McDonald’s hasn’t exactly been lauded for their healthy food choices but they have been known for their philanthropy … and now their mission to make life happy! I wonder since the commercials aired how many people have rushed to McDonald’s in hopes of being able to pay with smiles, kind words and love? I don’t know about you but both the Coke and McDonald’s commercials have made me want to become a better person and support their brands for encouraging that.
Always had a very empowering message for girls. Adolescence and puberty is a very critical time for girls to feel secure and comfortable in their skin. They need to know that ‘like a girl’ is a positive message and not only did Always hit the mark – they happen to sell products for girls in that age group. As a woman and a mother of a teenage daughter their commercial really does make me want to buy their products because I believe in what they stand for.
So as you can see the choices we make in our marketing directly influences our target market. Positivity is an extremely useful tool and in a world filled with crime and hate people crave kindness, acceptance and love. Spend some time over the next week or two and take a look at your current marketing plan. Are there ways you can incorporate some of those warm fuzzies? Kindness, joy and smiles are contagious! People crave positivity so spread the joy in your marketing! Positive messages do make a positive impact.