Tackling The Tough Stuff

By Guest Blogger Sarah Kuebler, Scheduling Assistant with Elite Scheduling Services, LLC

When I look back at the times in my life where I grew and learned the most, most of those times where through difficult challenges. Difficulty always produces determination and a ‘thinking outside of the box’ type creativity in me. The people in my life that have always been the hardest on me have in many ways made me better. I think of my high school basketball coach that was very hard on me but the life lessons I learned from him I value the most. I think of those tough bosses that empowered me to reveal skills that I didn’t even realize I had.

In regards to my current job as a scheduler, I get great satisfaction in getting my wholesalers into offices that they haven’t been able to get into.  I tend to take on the difficult tasks – the projects others don’t want – even if they’re hard because what does it say about my skills if I succeed at something that is easy? I would rather tackle the hard stuff and be able to say “Wow, I and/or we (in a team setting) accomplished much.”

I guess what I’m trying to say is … Don’t shy away from the tough stuff because you may just surprise yourself. You may just grow more as a person and you may just develop and/or uncover skills you never knew you had.

When facing difficult tasks try to tackle those tasks first thing in the morning if possible. That way you get them out of the way and you can move forward with your day. When faced with difficult challenges that are out of your control – take a deep breath, collect yourself and hit them head on. Because those are often the challenges that inspire greatness.

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