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Not Just Another Blog

I’ll be honest … I’ve had a few blogs in my day. One was about the, ahem, joys of raising children. I wrote that blog until my wonderful children got old enough to tell me to quit writing about them. Then I wrote a blog about dessert, mmm dessert. Although I still love dessert I find myself with less time in the kitchen making enough dessert to support a blog and more time running my business. Since I’m passionate about my business I decided to create a business blog! But not just any business blog … I hope to make this a blog that motivates, that inspires and that leaves people wanting more. It’s a tall order to fill but I believe I’m up for the challenge!

So what is my business? I provide scheduling assistant and virtual assistant services to busy people with busy lives and busy jobs. We work with motivated, successful and goal-oriented people. My business started in 2009 with two contracts and two virtual assistants. We provided scheduling (appointment setting) services to wholesalers in the investment industry. I had an extensive background working with financial advisors, wholesalers and investment firms before starting my business and, as with most entrepreneurs, I saw a need for good quality scheduling services and I wanted to fill that need.

Five years later, my team not only continues to specialize in scheduling services for wholesalers in the investment industry but we have grown to offer a wide range of scheduling, event planning, social media, marketing and administrative services that we market to a multitude of business professionals. I feel like I have the best job in the world! We have helped hundreds of people increase their sales, grow their businesses, free up their time and meet their goals.

I can barely wait to get up each morning and get to my office to start my day! Wouldn’t you love to love your job that much, too? If you have dreams and goals for your career or your business but can’t seem to find enough hours in the day, give us a call! We would love to help you out! You can’t build a dream alone, you’ve got to find great people that want to help you build your dream with you!

Elite Scheduling Services, LLC
Danae Branson