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Give Thanks!

This seems to be the time of year when everyone takes a moment to truly think about what’s important in their lives and what they should be thankful for. Are you thankful for family, friends or health? Are you thankful for your career, a new chapter in your life or financial stability? Whatever it is – just stop for a moment and be thankful. Time goes by so quickly and before you know it I’ll be writing a piece about giving thanks for November 2016.

A lot of us will look back on this year’s highs and lows and use them to determine our personal and professional goals for 2016. So as you give thanks for what you have and think about your goals for next year remember one thing – for 2016 let’s make it a goal to be thankful for what we have each and every day! Savor the moments, live for today, give thanks and be happy!

Thank you for reading and Happy Thanksgiving!


Warm Up That Cold Call With LinkedIn Networking

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Are you looking for a way to make more connections and form new relationships for 2016? Whether you’re looking to increase sales or you’re new to the industry and looking to start a good foundation of connections for your business, LinkedIn networking is a great compliment to traditional marketing plans. Adding this to your current marketing efforts can help increase your reach and productivity.

“worker smarter, not harder”

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Increasing Sales During The Holiday Season

Let’s face it, the holiday season is knocking on your front door and soon you’re going to be competing for time along with everyone else during this busy season in our lives. So what do you do? How do you increase business when you are already getting people who are trying to push you off until the first of the year? You keep marching on solider!

Here are some tips on making this holiday season your highest producing one yet!

Offer a solution to your client’s problem. Your clients are busy so how can you help them during this time? What does your product or service have to offer them? More sales during this busy season? More money in their pockets?

  1. Create urgency. Why do they want to see you now as opposed to waiting until January? Will your product or service help them grow their business? Will it help their clients? Should it be purchased or used before December 31? Create urgency and sell it!
  2. Use an excuse to have to stop by their office. Maybe you are going to drop off a holiday gift or goodie bag. If you sell products perhaps you have some great new samples they’ll want to try.
  3. Offer food. Everyone has to eat right and I’m assuming people are still eating during the holiday season so offer to buy them breakfast or lunch. You can even offer to bring treats to the office.
  4. Make your meeting with them convenient. For instance let’s say you are calling Mark Smith and he’s saying he’s too busy and he’s got to do his shopping and run to the dry cleaners and/or meet his own clients. So how do you make your meeting with him more convenient?
    1. If holiday shopping is an excuse, tell him you’ll meet him at the mall. That way after your meeting he’s already there to do his shopping.
    2. If he has to run errands, find out what errands and meet him at a coffee shop near his errands.
    3. If he has to meet his own clients, tell him you’ve got something he can give his clients – let’s say money saving tips for the holidays or a small box of chocolates or maybe something not even related to money but tips on having a stress free holiday.
  5. Hire an assistant to get you in the office. I refresh my schedulers every year on how to continue being successful during the holiday season. They know how to get into those offices for you.
  6. Your clients aren’t the only busy one this season – you are busy, too. Condense your pitch and sell 15 minute appointments versus 30 minutes or condense your hour appointment to 30 minutes. In other words get your message out in less time.
  7. If a face-to-face meeting is NOT going to happen schedule a phone appointment! I have people selling just as much on the phone during busy times as they do during those face-to-face appointments.
  8. Be persistent. You may feel like you are getting more voicemails than normal this time of year but keep calling – don’t give up. You will get appointments.
  9. If all else fails then by all means start booking up January. You want to start 2016 with a bang so fill up that January!