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Goal Setting & Accountability

I know a lot of successful people and some of them make a ton of money selling products and services that are pretty commonly sold among successful people – financial products, real estate, farm equipment, etc. Then I know a whole group of other people that make a ton of money selling things most people would never dream would be so profitable – cookies, t-shirts, direct sales products, razor blades, etc.

The things besides a fierce work ethic and high energy that all these people have in common is that they are all goal setters and they all hold themselves accountable.

Let’s talk about goal setting. It works! I’m serious. It’s a ‘mind over matter’ – ‘visualize the finish line’ –‘where there’s a will there’s a way’ kind of thing. The thing about goal setting is that it’s so easy. I dare you to do it right now! Get out a piece of paper and a pen, or your phone, or computer and start writing down some goals. Short-term goals, long-term goals. You can categorize your goals if you like. For instance:

Short term business goals – to gain two new clients per week.

Long term business goals – to double my income over the year.

Short term fitness goals – Start running 3 times per week and lose 2 pounds per month.

Long term fitness goal – To lose 20 pounds by Christmas.

Of course, the more detailed your goals are the more successful you will become. At the end of the day just make some goals. Put them in front of you so you can see them. They will motivate you to keep going.

Whether you are saving for a dream vacation, a new house, trying to grow a business, trying to lose weight, wanting to work on a relationship… whatever it is, start setting goals and start living your best life NOW!

I mentioned that those goals will motivate you to keep working towards them, but what if you need more than that? That is where accountability comes in. For some, goal-setting isn’t enough, they need extra help in staying motivated. That extra help can come in the form of an accountability partner.

The truth is A LOT of people need an accountability partner – someone who helps them stay on track to reaching their goals. Some partner with a friend, spouse, co-worker, business partner and others hire a business coach, life coach, fitness coach – or whatever kind of coach they need. These professional motivational coaches are paid to keep you motivated, to keep you reaching for your goals and if you are serious about working with them they can be a great return on your investment. They enjoy helping people strive for more – they enjoy helping people live their best lives and in becoming their best selves. Even though many of the coaches are highly successful people it may not surprise you to know that many of them have a motivational coach of their own.

It’s human nature to get down sometimes, to want to give up, to want to throw in the towel. Sometimes we have to dig deep to keep going – but by goal setting and having an accountability partner you start to ward off some of those feelings. The goal setting will help you discover what’s most important to you and how you really want to live your life. The accountability partner will help you get there.

With all the craziness in the world isn’t it about time we spend our lives living them how we want? Sounds like a grand idea to me! I’ve got my pen and paper in hand and I’m going to start setting some new goals for this year. It’s never too late!

 Danae Branson is the founder of Elite Scheduling Services. They specialize in appointment setting services for external wholesalers in the financial industry.



Drip Effectively & Make More Money

Dripping on prospective clients can be a very effective way to grow your business if you do it tastefully! My team and I have learned how to drip on prospective clients without it becoming painful. So how do we do this? This may be done a bit differently in different industries but in the financial industry where I’m trying to promote our scheduling and marketing services I typically do this:

  • Make first contact via email, LinkedIn and/or phone.
  • If no response, follow up after one week.
  • If still no response, follow up after another week.
  • If still no response, I put them on my list of prospective clients to follow up with after one month.
  • If still no response, I put them on my quarterly list and follow up with them each quarter until they either become a client or ask me to remove them from my list.

I have gotten business from people that I’ve dripped on for six months, some after a year and even some after two years. If they don’t want to hear from me, they’ll let me know and I’ll no longer contact them.

Now, I do train my appointment setters to do this a bit differently because of the nature of that business. But no matter how you drip the last thing you want to do is completely harass prospective clients. We do not contact them multiple times per day. We don’t want to turn our dripping into Chinese water torture!

I’ve explained how I drip but it’s what I’m putting in my dripping message that helps make it effective.

YOU NEED A HOOK! Why do people want to see you? What sets you apart from everyone else? What problem are you solving for your client? How is your product and/or service going to make your clients life easier?

I let my prospective clients know that I have a valuable service to offer them that will help them save time, make more money, grow their business and make their lives less hectic. If they don’t need or want my help, then I let them know that their potential business is valuable to me and that I will follow up with them from time to time to see if they are in need of my services. You never know when a potential client’s situation will change, and they may need your help. Sometimes it’s all about timing – who’s going to get to them first.

If you drip on prospective clients correctly you should receive a high percentage of positive feedback and a great amount of business. I think where some people get stuck is they are either dripping way too much or not enough. There is a happy medium, so get organized, create a plan and start dripping!

Danae Branson is the founder of Elite Scheduling Services. They specialize in appointment setting services for external wholesalers in the financial industry. You can view the website at or reach Danae at 515.309.2838.


Risk & Reward

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had the same invincible feeling you had as a teenager? Teens don’t fear consequence, teens take risks and teens don’t lie awake at night worrying about what to do with the money they made from their summer job or how to pay for their car. They just live life.

I’m not saying we should all suddenly become reckless teenagers but there is a different between being reckless and taking risks. Risks are what get you the big payoff, risks are what allow you to live the life of your dreams and sometimes risks are what actually allow you to sleep at night.

Take a good hard look at what you want out of life. Are you living the life you want? What would you do if you could do anything? Would you go back to school, would you find a new career path, would you live more simply? Sometimes taking risks aren’t as scary as they seem.

If you knew you’d be a success what risk would you take today? And how could that risk potentially payoff? Write this down on a piece of paper.

Now consider what’s the worst that can happen if you fail? Would you have to sell your home and downsize? Would you have to sell your car and get a more practical one? Would you have to go back to the stable job you despise? Write this down on a piece of paper.

Is the risk worth the reward? When you look at ‘what’s the worst that can happen’ scenarios sometimes you realize that the risk is worth it! Would it really be THAT bad to warrant NOT taking the risk? Why have you waited so long? Tell yourself that failure is NOT an option, believe in yourself and others will believe in you.

I took a risk when I quit my stable job to start a company that only paid me when I contracted with clients to use my service. I no longer had guaranteed income, I no longer had benefits and I no longer had stability. But it was all worth it! Today my company continues to thrive and I continue to think outside the box and take risks for even further growth.

I have watched some of the most successful business people try things and fail. But the failure is a lesson learned. They use the failure to tweak and hone the next risk. They know they’ll be successful and they just have to try again.

For me, taking a risk and starting my own company has become an adventure. I am having so much fun and I sleep better at night knowing that I am truly living my dream.


Danae Branson is the founder of Elite Scheduling Services. They specialize in scheduling appointments for sales professionals in the financial industry.

How Valuable Is Your Time?

When reevaluating your business for this year the value of your time is something to seriously consider especially for those who are trying to grow a business and/or create a more efficient and productive business.

Are you spending your time on the tasks that require only your skills and knowledge? Are you spending your time on the tasks that are making you money? You should regularly reevaluate your business – whether you do this quarterly, twice per year or annually, you must do it!

Reevaluating your business allows you to review your progress and review your goals. If you are falling short of a goal – realign your business plan to match your goals, if you are exceeding your goals then realign your business plan to reach even greater goals.

Reevaluating your business also allows you to see just where you are spending your time and money. There are both time and cost saving measures that may become evident while you are determining what it is you are actually doing in a day or month.

The business professionals who come to me for help have decided that they are spending too much time chasing appointments and not enough time selling or they really just hate scheduling appointments. Either way they find a great return on their investment when they hire an experienced appointment setter to do the appointment setting for them so they can spend more time selling.

Many business professionals may realize they are spending too much time on other aspects of their business and not enough time selling their services or working with their clients. There are many things that a person can outsource. A few of the most popular outsourced tasks are below.

  1. Administrative tasks
  2. Marketing
  3. Social Media
  4. Appointment Setting
  5. Event Planning

Whether you decide you need to hire help or not just keep a few things in mind.

  • Are you spending your time efficiently?
  • Could you make more money if you hired help?
  • Look at the big picture – sometimes it takes money to make money.

At the end of the day know how much your time is worth. Your time is valuable and you should treat it as such if you want to grow your business. Just remember – you are worth it.

Danae Branson is the founder of Elite Scheduling Services. Elite specializes in appointment setting in the financial industry. Find out more here.