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Be a Master of Your Time

Time management is a beast for many. There just never seem to be enough hours in the day but I recently read a book that opened my eyes to the way people tend to look at time. Find your extraordinary, by Jessica Herrin, is an excellent book for those of you who want to dream bigger, live happier and achieve success on your own terms! I’ve read it twice now – it’s a great read!
One of my favorite chapters is the one on time.
• Manage yourself, not time. You are in charge of you and you along with everyone else in this world gets 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.
So many people say, “I’m just so busy I don’t have time for that.” When in fact what they mean is, they don’t choose to do it. If you really want something, you’ll make the time. If you want to exercise, you’ll get up a half an hour earlier. If you really want to start that business you’ve been dreaming of you’ll make the time to do it. Decide what is important to you and what is not. Would you rather be creating that dream business or spending hours a day playing games on Facebook? Would you rather be out building a garden or inside watching reality television? The choice is yours!

• You must value your time to have it yield value. To create value you must do high-value activities. If you want to earn a lot per hour, you must do the things that will yield you a lot per hour. If you are doing a task that is worth $12 per hour in the free market, then you are paying yourself $12 per hour to do that task. If you want to earn more than you must do something of higher value. Consider all the tasks that you do in a day. Would it be beneficial to you to outsource some of those tasks so that it will free up time for you to do the higher paying tasks? This is why virtual assistants are great. They free up time doing the less per hour tasks why you spend your time doing higher paying tasks thus yielding you more per hour. You want to make sure you work with someone highly trained to be a virtual assistant and that you don’t waste time managing them. Hire a self-motivated, go-getter and you’ll be amazed at how much better your life and career will be.

• Talk to yourself about time. To determine if you are using your time wisely, ask yourself these questions:
• What is my long-term goal? What will matter to me in the future? (One year from now, three years from now, etc.)
• Am I spending my time (this week or this month) on the most impactful activities?
• Is my energy in the right place in order to be effective?

Ask yourself these questions monthly. Once you determine where to best spend your time, eliminate the trivial activities and understand your limits. Where are your priorities? Stick to those to live a happy life. If your children are important to you make sure you spend time with them. If you have a spouse or partner spend time on that relationship and most importantly don’t forget about yourself. You need to take care of you, because if you don’t – nothing else works.
Now take a few minutes today and think about how you spend your time. Are you spending it wisely? Are there some changes you can make to increase your happiness, your success and your wellness? Don’t wait! Start mastering your time today!

Sleep Your Way to the Top

Arianna Huffington is sleeping her way to the top, quite literally with her new book, Sleep Revolution. One of our Elite Virtual Assistant clients, Doug Sander with The Nice Guys Podcast, had the honor of interviewing Arianna recently about her new book and the interview was so awesome I wanted to write a blog post about it.

Not that she needs an introduction but Arianna Huffington is a Greek American author, syndicated columnist and occasional actress. She is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post. After suffering from sleep deprivation to the point of falling asleep at her desk one day and breaking her cheek bone she decided to start researching the benefits of sleep.

She soon realized that our cultural beliefs of ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ and ‘Sleep is for losers’ were dead wrong. She found that getting enough sleep benefited health, decision making, performance, productivity and so much more! Many people are burning themselves out in the name of success when it’s actually the lack of sleep that could be depriving them of the success that they seek.

The brain cleans out the toxins of the day during sleep and when you deprive your brain of following through with that function it causes problems. In the book she writes about exactly what can happen to people who are sleep deprived. Think of it as being drunk. You become so tired you don’t even know what you are doing anymore. You are far less productive and can easily waste a day or more just living in a fog.

Arianna says that once you start getting a good night’s sleep you’ll see a huge improvement in your productivity. You may be able to get more done in one hour than you had ever dreamed. In her research she found that Americans work more, sleep less and are less productive than people in other countries. We have more sick days and are more distracted and a lot of it is because of lack of sleep.

If you can find your ‘sleep – life’ balance you’ll be more efficient and in turn, more creative. You need to fully recharge your body in order to operate at maximum efficiency. Think of yourself as your precious cell phone that you must have with you wherever you go. If you stopped charging your cell phone, let’s be honest, it could totally ruin your life. If you stop charging your body, it can do the same.

Arianna is committed to changing our culture. She want’s everyone to realize that sleep is for winners! Sleep is the best performance enhancer there is so let’s forget burnout. Now are you excited about sleeping your way to the top?


Top 10 Habits of Successful People

Here are the Top 10 Habits of Successful People you can mimic to become successful yourself!

• READ! Successful people have a thirst for knowledge and that thirst never stops. They are always reading books, magazines and websites to gain more knowledge that will help them become even more successful.

• Keep a file of ideas to implement and lessons learned. Often times we learn great ideas and then forget about them. Keep a running list of all the great things you want to try. Hold yourself accountable by adding these ideas to your calendar for implementation in the near future.


• Be an early riser. You can accomplish so much in the wee hours of the morning. Use a reliable alarm clock and place it far enough from your bed so that you can’t hit the snooze button!


• Exercise. Exercise makes you feel better, makes you healthier (i.e. less downtime due to sickness and fatigue) and it makes you happier. Happier, healthier people have the stamina it takes to keep on going.

• Always be moving forward. Successful people work even when they don’t feel like it. There is always something they can be doing, learning and reaching towards. Of course scheduled downtime is a must but if you find yourself not working on a regular basis throughout the week because you just don’t feel like – start feeling like it! Make yourself work even for just 15-30 minutes and then see how you feel. You might just gain the momentum you need to keep going.

• Meditate. Meditation helps quiet the brain and relieves tension, anxiety and even pain. If it’s hard to quiet your brain try to just concentrate on your breathing for 1 – 2 minutes. Once you’ve relaxed then you can work on extending that time each day to the recommended 5-10 minutes.

• Minimize distractions. Check emails and social media in batches twice per day. That way, you are not constantly distracted by a new email and checking to see what’s going on with your social media.

• Donate. A high percentage of highly successful people volunteer roughly 5 hours or more per month. Volunteer at your local Habitat For Humanity, food pantry, school, nursing home or soup kitchen.

• Work hard. Be dedicated to your purpose and continue that dedication daily. With hard work, you can move mountains!

• Go for the goal! Input times to work towards your goals into your calendar to keep them top of mind. Work for them daily and it will give you the motivation you need to keep going.

There are a lot of habits here and in an effort not to become overwhelmed pick one habit and practice it daily for a week. Once you’ve got that down add another habit. For instance decide to meditate daily. After a week, add minimize distractions and build from there! You’ll be amazed at after you’ve mastered these habits how much better and motivated you’ll feel!

Friday Fun Day vs. Friday Sales Day

I have found that many of you have realized over the years that Friday may not be the best day of the week to make sales calls. Depending on your profession and the time of year, most of your clients can be found on the golf course, at the beach or just out of the office. A three day weekend does sound lovely but what if you are one of those business people that need Friday. You have quotas to meet, goals to reach, and a spouse, four kids and a dog to feed!

Why not turn Friday Sales Day into Friday Fun Day … if your clients or prospects aren’t going to be in the office on Friday for you to see them then plan something that will make them want to come see you. Schedule a golf outing, host a clam bake at the beach or if it’s the middle of winter and you live in a colder climate hit a movie, find an indoor golf club or go bowling. I once read about a financial advisor in Florida who targets prospective clients in her running group and then invites them to Spa Parties. Now I personally think that sounds like a fabulous way to spend a Friday afternoon!

Now you probably aren’t going to host an event every Friday so what do you do on the Fridays that you are in the office and all of your prospects are out and about? You use this time to market your business with social media. Social media is a fantastic tool but it can be very time consuming. Block out your Friday afternoons to spend time on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and any other social medium that your target market may be found. Use this time to make connections, post specials, sales or anything enticing that would make a person want to contact you. Or use Fridays to catch up on paperwork, update your accounting records or make a list of people you need to follow up with or contact for the next week. In other words, use Friday to get organized for the following week. You never know-Friday may just become your most productive day of the week! And if you really want Friday afternoons off but the work still needs to get done – I might know a place where you can get help with all of your social media, paperwork and expense reports.

So what do you plan on doing this Friday?