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Increase Sales by Getting to Know Your Clients!

The sales industry can be a cut throat industry. There are so many professionals going after the same clients, vying for their attention – with so much competition out there how do you set yourself apart?

Listen to your clients! What do your clients really need help with? Yes, I’m sure you have an amazing new product that your clients will need and want but are you really solving their problems? Is there something else you can do to help them?

Next time you are in a sales meeting take a minute to really listen to your client or prospect. Ask them what is the main struggle in their business? What are their goals with their business? Become a partner in their business instead of being someone just trying to shove another product or service down their throat.

Form relationships! Long-term business relationships are the best for everyone involved. Those relationships take time and patience but they pay off in the long-term. In order for you to succeed you should have an interest in the success of your clients.

Look for ways to help your clients? I know sales professionals that pay for products and/or services to help their clients increase their business. They might hire their client a virtual assistant or pay for a subscription to a product or service that will help them with their business.

When a sales person takes a genuine interest in their clients great things can happen. Your clients may start doing more business, they might start sharing their experience with others and they will probably become long-term clients.

One thing to remember, is you aren’t going to make everyone happy but you hope to make the majority of people happy. If you are interested in learning more about how you can offer a value added service to your clients please feel free to give me a call – I’d love to chat and I’d love to hear what your main struggle with your business is.

Let’s get to know each other. 515.309.2838. Danae Branson, Elite Scheduling Services


Increase 3rd Quarter Sales

It’s the second to last week in August and EVERYONE is on vacation! Well maybe not everyone but a lot of people are spending the last few weeks taking the summer vacation that they’ve put off all season, they are spending a last few precious days with their children before they go back to school and they are pushing off work until AFTER Labor Day.

This is the excuse I hear a lot from sales professionals and sometimes even I succumb to the last few weeks of summer bust. But if I’m sitting in my office writing and you are sitting in your office reading this and have appointments on the calendar then that means there are some driven people out there that you CAN see.

The easiest way to boost 3rd quarter sales:

*Go back to this time last year to see who was still around and available to meet. Chances are they are around again this year so call them and get them on the calendar.

*Spend a few minutes compiling a list of the people you really want to see AFTER Labor Day. After the Labor Day holiday we still have 19 business days left in the quarter.

*Call that list from above and get those people on your calendar ASAP.

*Plan a fun summer event to get clients and prospects together. The golf course is great this time of year and depending on your location and/or your target market you can do a beach day, clam bake, outdoor excursion. I know a Financial Advisor in Florida that does salon days with her female clients – they can each bring a friend (prospects…yay!) I also know one that does a weekly morning walk with clients and they can bring friends. It’s turned into a walk club and it’s really helped her business take off! Get creative!

*Perfect your hook …. Why would someone want to spend 30 minutes with you versus sitting at the beach or by the pool? What do you have to offer your client/prospect that is so great that they’ll want to listen to you?

*Always keep a follow-up list. Go to the follow-up list to see who you couldn’t get on the calendar last quarter and get them on the calendar this quarter.

*Meet your client/prospect where they’d rather be. If they’d rather be at the pool, or the beach or the zoo – meet them there.

* Instead of the typical coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner or happy hour choices mix it up. Meet for ice cream, at an outdoor patio or a tiki bar. Think of all the fun things you love to do in the summer and mix it in with your meetings. It makes for an enjoyable summer for everyone!

*Since September is also football season – there are endless possibilities to incorporate a game or football themed event into getting some clients/prospects together.

I’m having so much fun coming up with new things I just realized I’m getting a bit windy. At the end of the day just keep working – you must continue to call and market your services to keep a steady stream of business. If you need help with that steady stream of business you can always hire help!

Good luck with 3rd quarter sales!

Danae Branson is the founder of Elite Scheduling Services. Elite specializes in appointment setting services for external wholesalers and other sales professionals in the financial industry. You can learn more about the services at




Stop Chasing the Appointment

Working with sales professionals has taught me a lot about business. It seems like common sense to work where the money is yet many entrepreneurs and sales professionals aren’t maximizing their earning potential.

It’s only when you take a moment to look at your business as a whole will you determine where to best spend your time.

How much of your week is spent on the following?

  • Marketing
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Meeting clients
  • Doing paperwork
  • Figuring expenses
  • Client retention
  • Continued education


Once you figure how much of your week is spent doing the above. Figure out which of these tasks is actually making you the most money. You may be surprised to find that you are making all of your money through meeting with clients yet you only spend 40% of your work week on that task. What would happen if you spent 60% of your work week meeting with clients?

One of the easiest and cost effective tasks to outsource is the appointment setting. My clients have figured out their own specific formula to maximizing their earning potential, and each client is different. For instance, if you hire an appointment setter for 20 hours per month you’ll most likely get at least 20 more appointments per month. Out of those 20 appointments you probably only need to make one sale to break even. If you are even a decent salesperson you are going to make way more than one sale and get a great return on your investment.

I have other clients who contract out 80 hours of appointment setting/administrative/marketing services per month and for them one good sale will pay for the service for the entire year!

It’s all dependent on the type of product you’re selling and what your commission schedule looks like. Take a look at your average commission per sale, then figure out how many extra sales per month you could get out of using a scheduler. I’m happy to help you with the average cost of using a scheduling service and that way can determine if a scheduler is cost effective for you!

Many schedulers are not only helping clients build their territories and their sales, they are helping them build their dreams. Use a scheduler to help get that promotion, build income to build your dream house and free up time to take that vacation or spend more time with your family. A scheduler is an excellent asset and can turn into a life-long business partner. In an ever changing industry many of our clients’ only constant is their scheduler. It’s great to have a person you can trust on your team as you navigate through your career.

If it makes sense for you – stop chasing the appointment! Today is the best day to start making more money!

Danae Branson has been in the financial industry for 18 years and is the founder of Elite Scheduling Services. She can be reached at 515.309.2838 or at

Take a vacation NOW!

Over 54% of American’s didn’t take all of their paid vacation days last year. WHAT? 54%! Wow, that is crazy. We all claim that our lives are so busy and all it we do is hustle and bustle, yet over half of us aren’t taking the days we are paid to take off.

Some people think they don’t have time for vacation, others are fearful of leaving someone else in charge and others feel bad for taking days off even though they have them to use.

Everyone needs a break – they need time to refresh, renew and reenergize! When we get in too much of a routine our productivity and creativity start to decrease. We feel less challenged, less motivated and more stressed.

I work with a lot of people in sales and one of the things I’ve always told my employees and my clients is – take a vacation! When it comes to business I know people who have come up with some of their greatest business ideas while on vacation. So why should you take a vacation?

A few of the benefits of taking a vacation are below.

*Your brain needs to rest! The human brain, similar to other organs in the body, is not designed to go full throttle 100% of the time. It needs rest to recoup and continue to function. A vacation allows you to avoid burnout, turning your mind away from business problems and to activities you enjoy. The resulting boost of “feel good” brain chemicals, such as serotonin, can have a big effect on the mood you have when you get back to the office. You also might experience other physiological benefits from the reduction in stress, such as lowered blood pressure. When you feel better both emotionally and physically, you’ll be able to tackle work issues or come up with new ideas with much more positivity and energy. You’ll likely be able to maintain your interest in your business better, too.

*Inspires creativity. Vacation helps you see new places, meet new people, and have new experiences. And all of these moments can help inspire new opportunities and also bring new ideas from unexpected places.

Depending on what kind of business you own, you might find unusual bits of inspiration from almost anywhere. If you’re in the restaurant business, you might get a new idea for your menu from one of the restaurants you visit during vacation; you might get the inspiration for a new product name or color combination for a logo design, or get some sort of bigger-picture inspiration for something to do totally differently at your business.

Most important, you can try to bring back some of the positive energy and exploratory spirit that you find on vacation and put it to work at your business. What did you like about how you felt on vacation? Did you feel differently or “better” than usual? How can you make changes in your daily routine so you can feel that way more often?

*Let go! In addition to getting new ideas for things “to do” for your business, vacation can also give you inspiration of what “not to do.” Vacation can help clarify your thinking and focus your mind in a way that resolves long-simmering problems and indecisions.

After a short vacation you might discover you no longer want to offer a certain product or compete in a certain market; or maybe you finally realize that you no longer want to keep battling with an uncooperative client. You might also decide it’s finally time to fire an underperforming employee. Vacation can help you realize which fights are worth fighting and which things need to be let go.

*Your employees learn to be leaders. Simply put, if you are always around to lean on, your employees never really get a chance to stand on their own two feet. They won’t get to practice taking all-in initiative or taking more supervisorial roles, which might mean a stagnation of their confidence. With you out of the picture for a few days or weeks, however, your workers can take the driver’s seat, possibly bringing a host of new ideas to the business table. If immediate innovation and subsequent profits aren’t convincing enough, remember, too, that you’ll probably want to move on to other ventures or retire eventually. Your vacations are your chance to see who has the gumption, intelligence, social skills and creativity to protect what you’ve built long after you’re gone.

The benefits of taking a vacation are so amazing you probably should take one now! I mean you read this on the internet so it must be true, right?