Are you too busy?

Believe it or not, some people are too busy to realize that they are too busy. A lot of us are trying to manage our careers and make time for our families all while maintaining a social life. So how do you know if you are too busy?

If you find that having to use the restroom a few times a day has become a major inconvenience, and you think if only you could figure out a way to make those few minutes each day more productive, then YES, you are too busy!

If you are having a hard time setting aside time to eat food, then yes, you are too busy!

If you wish you had a chauffer so that you could work while in the car, then again, you might be too busy!

And finally, if your job, family and/or social life are suffering and you frequently hear people tell you that you are too busy … listen to them.

So if you are just too busy, what do you do? It’s very simple really.

1. Next time you need to use the restroom take a pad of paper into the stall with you and write down all of your priorities! These are the things that matter the most to you. Remember them.

2. At your next meal (preferably not a family one) write down a list of things you can let go of. Maybe it’s poker night … okay sorry … maybe it’s a different extra curricular activity or two that you no longer need to be a part of. There might be something that you can back off of. Let it go, remember your priorities.

3. Finally, right before you hit the hay make a daily, weekly and monthly to-do list. Then circle all the things on the list that you would be okay farming out to someone else, like perhaps to a virtual assistant. Maybe it’s appointment setting, expense reports, travel plans, thank you cards, birthday cards, data entry, research, event planning or anything else you can think of.

4. When you wake the next morning hire a virtual assistant. Your virtual assistant will give you the gift of time! She will do your to-do list and you’ll no longer curse having to use the restroom, you’ll be able to stop and enjoy a flavorful meal, your family will see you more and you’ll be able to spend Friday afternoons on the golf course instead of at the office.

Successful people know when they need help. Successful people realize that they can’t do it all and successful people, believe it or not, do take a pad of paper with them to the restroom.

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