Creating New Business From Old Business

The other night I was brainstorming marketing ideas in front of the television when a Dominos pizza commercial appeared. What a unique and smart marketing technique – tell people that you’ve listened to them about how bad the pizza was and then tell them you’ve have made every effort to make it better. I thought back to the first time I had seen those commercials, back when I hadn’t had Dominos in a long time. I immediately ordered their pizza and it was delicious! The marketing worked! Then I began to wonder why this wouldn’t work for other businesses. Especially businesses who most likely made a few or more mistakes early on, but learned and grew and were now much better for it.

I started to think about how I could apply this technique to my own business. I was very experienced in my field before I started my own company but as we all know running a business is completely different than having a job. I know I made a few mistakes in my early years and maybe didn’t always provide the best possible service because I was still learning. But now I’ve been in business for several years, I have listened to my clients feedback and I’ve worked very hard to perfect every facet of my business. In fact, I am still working hard to create better service every day … after all, we are never quite done growing. My team and I thrive on building long-term relationships and work very hard on customer service, but like everyone else I’m always looking for new business. So why not create new business out of old business.

The next morning I dug into my list of contacts and started reaching out to past clients. Clients that perhaps the service just didn’t work out how they had hoped, clients who maybe moved on to other jobs, clients who felt that there wasn’t enough work to continue working with an assistant … whatever the reason they left, I contacted them. I let them know that we were still helping people build their businesses and that we’ve worked very hard to improve the quality of our services over the past few years. Once again … the marketing worked! I generated a lot of leads from my marketing to past clients and am now working on turning those leads into business.

Sometimes we need to remember that new business is right in front of us and we have to reach out and grab it. Don’t let all those old contacts just sit in your database. Market to them. Re-engage them. And let them know the value in them coming back to your business … it’s definitely worth a shot!

Check back next week for my blog post titled Drip, Drip, Drip, But Not Like Chinese Water Torture.

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