Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

Maximizing sales is the number one thing most sales professional strive to achieve. And in today’s crazy busy world we are all trying to figure out ways to work smarter and not harder.

One of the best ways to maximize sales is through existing clients. If you have a product that your clients love,  why not nurture those relationships? It’s a lot harder to go out and constantly find new business if you are in an industry where you can get more sales from your existing clients.

I work with professionals in the financial industry and for them maximizing their current relationships is an absolute must. I have personal friends who say they’d invest more with their financial advisor but they never hear from him/her so it’s not top of mind. I’ve had financial advisors calling me trying to get ahold of wholesalers so they can place their clients with more product. Your clients shouldn’t have to chase you down.

You want to stay top of mind! If you are fortunate to be in an industry where existing clients can yield unlimited sales then keep nurturing those clients. I understand the need for new blood and prospecting is very important in sales, but the more your business grows the more you can find yourself needing fewer new clients if you continue to stay in front of the existing ones.

So how do you stay in front of the existing ones? There are a few ideas below:

*Emails and/or e-newsletters. Send your clients regular correspondence via email once a month to stay in front of them. These emails could be filled with news about your products and offerings, tips, inspiring quotes or stories and anything else you’d like to convey to your clients.

*Snail mail. Send a letter or card in the mail every six months. It’s nice to get a note in the mail from someone! It shows you are thinking of them.

*Annual reviews. Annual reviews are a great way to review a clients account and see if there is anything more you can do for them. Financial advisors should be doing these.

*Regular meetings. Visiting with a client every 3-4 months is a great way for them to stay abreast of your current offerings and for you to find out what they need help with. External wholesalers should be doing these.

* Promotional items. Give a thank you or holiday gift with your name on it so that your clients will see your name at all times. Maybe it’s a notepad, calendar, desk organizer, tote bag, briefcase, travel mug, stress ball or something else that isn’t easily lost.

*Video. Creating videos about your products and or services is a great way to stand out a bit more from the crowd. People can relate to you more when they see you in a video.

*Social media. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are all super popular places to be for a business. Know your target market! If you are a B2B sales professional then you’ll probably have better luck with LinkedIn and Twitter. If you are a B2C sales professional then Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest would be where you should start.

*Get HELP! I mentioned we are all super busy so unfortunately existing clients tend to fall through the cracks. Hire an assistant who can help make sure that you are maximizing the sales potential with existing clients. Choose someone who can help you stay top of mind and who can help you stay organized. If you’ve got a great assistant your return on investment will be absolutely worth it!



I am the Founder of Elite Scheduling Services and work with professionals in the financial industry. If you’d like to learn more about my company, please visit my website at

Have a great day! Danae



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