Is It Time to Reinvent Yourself?

The great thing about business, careers and life is that there is room for reinvention. As we age our priorities change, our passions changes and our plans for the future change. We are constantly growing and changing and for some that doesn’t mean a change in career path, but for others – it definitely means a change in career path.

I know someone who went to school to become a lawyer, got her first job and after a few years realized that practicing law wasn’t at all what she wanted to spend her life doing. She decided to quit her job as a lawyer, get her real estate license and now she is loving life as a real estate agent.

Another connection of mine was a successful salesperson but after a few years she realized her heart wasn’t in it. She started her own photography business and is having the time of her life.

In both of these instances these people were making a lot of money. They were married and they had kids – but ultimately being true to themselves and their passions was how they wanted to spend the days of their lives.

I know successful financial professionals who have taken a year or two off, sold all their belongings and have travelled the world. A sabbatical seems to be a sought after opportunity and if you are in the position to take one I would think it would be an amazing adventure. These people come back refreshed, renewed and reinvented.

At the end of the day sometimes the stress and money just isn’t worth it. Sometimes you need the money but perhaps you can plan for a change in the near future. We are all unique individuals and some of us are planners and others of us are risk takers. Whatever your personality is, it’s still very important to be true to yourself. I know a lot of people who have quit lucrative careers to do something else – I will say one common factor seems to be that these people quit their jobs to work for themselves.

People today desire flexibility and more time to do the things they love. There are lots of career paths a person can take to gain the balance they desire. Employers are becoming more aware of the flexible job/life trend and are trying to help their employees achieve the balance they desire.

There are so many people that can afford to do what they want if they would just budget, look at their lifestyle and decide what’s truly important. How do you envision living your days? That’s a great place to start and then go from there. I firmly believe that where there’s a will there’s a way and you can do whatever you want to do!

When to know if it’s time to make a change.

  1. Does your job make you miserable?
  2. Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning because you do not want to go to work?
  3. Has your job interfered with your ability to be a good partner, parent or person?
  4. Have you had a change in mental or physical health that is a result of high stress in your career?
  5. Are you just ready for a new adventure?

If you’ve answered, Yes, to any of those questions you may be ready for a new job, a new career or a new you!

Is it time to reinvent yourself?

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