Friday Fun Day vs. Friday Sales Day

I have found that many of you have realized over the years that Friday may not be the best day of the week to make sales calls. Depending on your profession, and the time of year, most of your clients can be found be on the golf course, at the beach or just out of the office. A three day weekend does sound lovely but what if you are one of those business people that need Friday. You have quotas to meet, goals to reach, and a spouse, four kids and a dog to feed!

Why not turn Friday Sales Day into Friday Fun Day … if your clients or prospects aren’t going to be in the office on Friday for you to see them then plan something that will make them want to come see you. Schedule a golf outing, host a clam bake at the beach or if it’s the middle of winter and you live in a colder climate hit a movie, find an indoor golf club or go bowling. I recently read about a financial advisor in Florida who targets prospective clients in her running group and then invites them to Spa Parties. Now I personally think that sounds like a fabulous way to spend a Friday afternoon!

Now you probably aren’t going to host an event every Friday so what do you do on the Fridays that you are in the office and all of your prospects are out and about? You use this time to market your business with social media. Social media is a fantastic tool but it can be very time consuming. Block out your Friday afternoons to spend time on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and any other social medium that your target market may be found. Use this time to make connections, post specials, sales or anything enticing that would make a person want to contact you.

Or use Fridays to catch up on paperwork, update your accounting records or make a list of people you need to follow up with or contact for the next week. In other words, use Friday to get organized for the following week. You never know … Friday may just become your most productive day of the week!

So what am I doing this Friday afternoon? I’m writing this blog and posting it on social media. Then I might just have to hit the spa!





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