How To Effectively Utilize A Scheduling Assistant

Successful salespeople often use scheduling assistants to maximize their time and productivity. Instead of spending time setting appointments, they spend more time seeing clients and making more money.

Using a scheduling assistant does comes with some degree of organization and team work. There are best practices when it comes to effectively and efficiently utilizing a scheduling assistant and they are below.

*Communication, communication, communication. This one is a big one for me. Your scheduler is essentially a part of your team – an integral part of your business. You want your scheduler to have a clear understanding of your goals, expectations and how you like your week scheduled. Do you meet clients for lunch? Will you do a happy hour? When do you start your day? When do you end your day? The more your scheduler knows about how you run your business, the better.

*Good data. A good list or CRM system is key. If a scheduler can call good contacts for you whether it’s prospecting or existing clients he/she can be more efficient with his/her time. It takes a great deal of time to have to research names, phone numbers, addresses and find correct information. You get the greatest return on your investment if your scheduling assistant can all on good data. If you are in need of leads, after much request, I’m working on a good lead system. I’ll have a blog post on that very soon.

*Updated calendar. Make sure your calendar is up to date and planned out at least three to six months in advance. You don’t want your scheduler spending time rescheduling appointments because you forgot to include something on your calendar. Now we are all human and we make mistakes. Instances come up where a scheduler does need to reschedule appointments and of course that’s fine – but for day-to-day efficiency it’s great to have the calendar as up to date as possible.

*A good hook. So what do you do? Why would someone want to see you? Do you have a hot new product? Updates to an existing product? Changes coming soon that need to be addressed? Give your scheduler a little bit of information about what you do and the purpose for your meetings. They don’t need to know a lot – they know what to say if they are being asked too many questions – but a great hook is a great way to get a foot in the door for prospecting.

*Be flexible. When working with an experienced scheduler they know how to increase appointments and occasionally that might mean you being a little bit flexible. Have those discussions with your scheduler and if you see their point – great – if you absolutely aren’t able to be as flexible as they are suggesting – no problem. Just know that if you work with a very experienced scheduler they know how to get you into offices, sometimes it might just require you to be a little more flexible.

*Hire a pro. Scheduling is not for everyone – it really takes a special talent to want to spend the day on the phone setting appointments. The really great schedulers will tell you it’s easy, and that’s because they are really good at it. Anyone who is really good at their job typically thinks it’s pretty easy. Not everyone can be a lawyer, or a doctor, or a teacher or a scheduler. Make sure you hire someone experienced and good – it makes everything so much easier!

If you have more questions regarding using a scheduling assistant please let me know. I’m happy to help! Are you ready to make 2019 your best year yet?

Danae Branson is the Founder of Elite Scheduling Services. She provides scheduling assistants to external wholesalers, financial advisors and other financial professionals.  She can be reached at or 515.309.2838.


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