Unique Home Offices

I love working from home and I love interior design. It’s a scientific fact that you are more inspired, motivated and productive when you are working in a space that you enjoy spending time in. Unfortunately, at times, our home offices can be the last thought we put into our careers or business. They can be dark and stuffy and disorganized. They can be a crazy disaster that cause us to roll our eyes or sigh every time we step foot in them. In an effort to inspire some creative home office design for the new year I thought it would be fun to research unique home office designs. This is what I came up with!

Don’t have enough space in your home for your home office? Take your home office outside? These home offices are made in garden sheds and other unique outdoor structures.

Archipod- An Eco-Friendly home office that takes up minimal space and is semi-portable.

archipod office


Who wouldn’t love to work out of Sheryl’s She Shed?

garden shed-office


This is an open-air portable option.



Perhaps you aren’t able to have an outdoor structure and you have very little room in your home for a home office … presenting a closet office!



Need more space saving ideas? Put a library in your ceiling.

library office


You can literally use anything to create a unique office space.



Some people have a treadmill in their office, others have a hammock for napping!

hammocks-bed office


If these home offices don’t inspire, how about more traditional home office spaces? These are a few I designed on my computer. You can be creative in a traditional office space without being too over the top. Either way, have fun with your office space. It’s most likely the one space in your home that offers you the creative freedom to do whatever you want.

Gray office

Zebra home office

office sample

Need help deciding how to redesign your space? Shoot me an email – In 2019, I’m partnering with a few interior designers that are going to be helping our clients, my virtual assistant team and others create the offices of their dreams. When you feel good about the space you’re in – you work harder and have more fun! Stay tuned for more info!

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