Gain Clients with Value-Add Services

I’ve been in the financial industry since 1999 and to say it’s been a roller coaster ride is an understatement! I love this industry and the people in it. I spend my days working with external wholesalers, financial advisors and financial virtual assistants/scheduling assistants.

I’ve realized that marketing in general has really changed and that there are things now we need to look at in order to really grow our businesses. What can we offer our clients? What do our clients need? What problems do our clients have that we can solve? These are the same old questions that need to be answered but the way we attract these clients in order to answer these questions have changed.

I help my clients find more clients and what I’ve realized is that we need to be able to offer more value-added services to set ourselves apart from the competition. As I write this I am in the process of putting together those services for my clients as we speak.

So what value-added services am I speaking to? Since I am in the financial industry I’ll touch on the two main areas I work with to give you an idea.

Wholesalers – offer these to your prospective or existing financial advisor clients

*Recommendations or discounts to proven lead sources.

*Recommendations or discounts to other services such as marketing, virtual assistance, social media or branding experts.

*Prospecting sponsorships to event ideas such as movie night, painting, pottery or other activity that is a bit out of the box. Example: My parents are in their 60s and they recently answered an ad by a financial advisor providing a free movie (Mission Impossible Fallout). They sat through the investment seminar which pertained to their situation – nearing retirement and deciding when to take social security – and watched the movie. They both decided they need to see this advisor and scheduled a visit. Know your target market – then entice them with something free!

Financial Advisors – offer these to your prospective or existing clients

*Recommendations or discounts to products, places or services that your target market is using. Maybe you work with a lot of retirees – think gift certificates to restaurants, groceries, entertainment. Maybe you work with young couples – think recommendations or discount for services related to home ownership.

*Organization! We all have so much going on in our lives so maybe you offer a binder that organizes investments, insurance, important papers, etc.

*Safety. Provide them with a fireproof case to keep their important papers in.

*Support a local charity, club or organization and then provide something to your clients to really form a win – win – win! For example, our high school football team sells cards to the public that offer discounts to a variety of local businesses as a fundraiser. You could be a corporate sponsor of the team, purchase several of those cards and then give them to your clients or prospective clients. The cost is minimal, but people really appreciate it.

I hope these ideas have helped you think of ways to stand out! Stay tuned for next week’s post on BRANDING for Financial Advisors. This is one of my FAVORITE subjects. I’ve got a lot of fun ways for financial advisors to create a brand and attract clients!



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