More Fun = Happier Life

It all started with a headline … Man commits crimes to go back to jail, hides money near his crotch. For some reason I got a big kick out of this headline. It’s not everyday you see the word crotch in a newspaper headline but it did make me want to read the full article. Someone had fun with this headline, why can’t more things be this fun?

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could relax just a little bit more, use their sense of humor just a little bit more and have fun just a little bit more? I really think this world would be a better place. If you want to have more fun – use it in your business … fun advertising attracts fun people. Don’t you want to work with fun people? It would make life a lot easier!

Have more fun in your life in general. I really feel that people would be happier if they carved out time for fun just as they carve out time for meetings, obligations, medical appointments, conference calls, etc. Think of how much better you’d feel waking up each morning knowing there was some fun scheduled in your day. I’m excited just thinking about scheduling more fun into my life.

So what kind of fun should you schedule?

It could be as simple as reading a book outside in the fresh air, or relaxing by the water with your favorite ice cream treat, or turning on your favorite music for 10 minutes while you close your eyes. Other ideas would be a 10 minute chair massage, a pottery or painting class over lunch, an escape room, an afternoon of golf, a movie, bowling, paddle boarding … the list goes on and on. Maybe you volunteer at a local charity, community garden or school. What makes you happy? What do you enjoy doing? Schedule it into your day. Did you hear me? Schedule more fun in your day, I shouldn’t have to twist your arm.

Scheduling fun in your day can make you more productive, you’ll feel happier and you’ll have more energy, so just do it! You may feel like you don’t have time for fun but what if fun was a prescribed therapy? Do you have time to exercise? Take your heart medication? Eat a gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan diet? If I told you that having fun was instrumental in your continuing to live, would you schedule more fun? Okay, I’m, Danae Branson, F.D. (Fun Doctor) and I’m telling you that to live your best life, you MUST schedule some fun in your day.

Make it a priority. You will see results almost immediately. If people are questioning you on your scheduled fun just tell them that due to a medical condition you must schedule a few minutes of fun into each day. What’s the medical condition? Being human.

Danae Branson is the Founder of Elite Scheduling Services at They specialize in appointment setting, marketing and administrative services for professionals in the financial industry.





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