Improve Mental Health with a Home Office that Inspires

I’ve been working from home for twelve years and have realized over the years that a home office should be a space that inspires and motivates. You should be excited to work in your home office and believe it or not the interior design of the space you choose has a lot to do with your attitude towards that work.

My entire team and our clients work from home offices. I am super passionate about the happiness and mental health of others and since we spend 90% of our time indoors I feel that happiness starts where we spend the majority of our time whether that’s at home or in an office or both.

Ideally your home office will be a separate room with a window, but I know that is not always feasible. Depending on the number of bedrooms in your home and the number of children you have you may not have a spare room or an area with a window. In this case find a quiet corner or nook, that you can place a desk or office armoire. Armoires work great because they are a beautiful piece of furniture that you can close up at the end of the day.

I strongly feel that you should not put your home office in your bedroom or main living area. You want your home office to be a great space but you don’t want it to be something you have to look at all the time or something you go to sleep to and wake up to. Even though you work from home you still need a separation between work and play.

Once you find your space – spare room or quiet nook – here are some great ways to create an office that inspires.

*Position your desk or armoire near a window. Natural light has great physical and mental health benefits. Plus having a view of the outdoors may inspire you to be more productive – if it’s what you consider a great view.

*Be sure to have great lighting. This is a must especially if you don’t have a window. You need sufficient light to do your work. Poor lightening can dampen a mood and decrease productivity.

*Invest in a good chair, stability ball or standing desk. You want to be comfortable at your desk and promote good posture and good health. I can attest that apparently it’s not good on a body to sit with your feet up in your chair with you. Three chiropractic appointments later I’ve learned my lesson.

*Develop an organized system. Use pen holders, paper trays, shelves, a file cabinet and whatever you need to stay organized. There are so many creative ways to stay organized even in small spaces. A messy desk can cause a person to get overwhelmed and stressed. I try to organize my desk at the end of each day so each morning I can start work with an organized space.

*Add your personal touch. If your office is in a spare room paint it and decorate it to reflect your dreams, your vision and your goals. Make the office a place you love to be. Consider decorating your space to offset your business. For instance if you have a crazy, busy, overwhelming business consider creating a space with neutral and soothing colors. If your job is creative in nature or something you consider a bit monotonous consider creating a more vibrant space. I love home design and enjoy helping others design their home office spaces.

*Surround yourself with positivity. Some people love to have an office full of quotes, dream boards and pictures of their family. Others love to have books, paintings and unique treasures. Whatever you like that makes you happy and inspires you – put it in your office.

*Add some greenery. Plants make people happy and help clean the air. If you are like me and tend to forget to water your plants try a hardy plant like aloe, spider plant and dragon tree. I’ve also learned that succulents need light and water – who knew. I’ve found some amazing artificial succulents that look so real people always touch them and ask if they are real. They make me just as happy as the real thing.

Take a look at your current home office. Does it inspire you? Is it a space that you enjoy spending time in? If not, just by following a few of the ideas above you can very quickly create a space that will inspire and motivate. You never know, once you’re done your home office may just end up being your most favorite space in your home.

Danae Branson is the Founder of Elite Scheduling Services and has a passion for interior design.



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