Drip Effectively & Make More Money

Dripping on prospective clients can be a very effective way to grow your business if you do it tastefully! My team and I have learned how to drip on prospective clients without it becoming painful. So how do we do this? This may be done a bit differently in different industries but in the financial industry where I’m trying to promote our scheduling and marketing services I typically do this:

  • Make first contact via email, LinkedIn and/or phone.
  • If no response, follow up after one week.
  • If still no response, follow up after another week.
  • If still no response, I put them on my list of prospective clients to follow up with after one month.
  • If still no response, I put them on my quarterly list and follow up with them each quarter until they either become a client or ask me to remove them from my list.

I have gotten business from people that I’ve dripped on for six months, some after a year and even some after two years. If they don’t want to hear from me, they’ll let me know and I’ll no longer contact them.

Now, I do train my appointment setters to do this a bit differently because of the nature of that business. But no matter how you drip the last thing you want to do is completely harass prospective clients. We do not contact them multiple times per day. We don’t want to turn our dripping into Chinese water torture!

I’ve explained how I drip but it’s what I’m putting in my dripping message that helps make it effective.

YOU NEED A HOOK! Why do people want to see you? What sets you apart from everyone else? What problem are you solving for your client? How is your product and/or service going to make your clients life easier?

I let my prospective clients know that I have a valuable service to offer them that will help them save time, make more money, grow their business and make their lives less hectic. If they don’t need or want my help, then I let them know that their potential business is valuable to me and that I will follow up with them from time to time to see if they are in need of my services. You never know when a potential client’s situation will change, and they may need your help. Sometimes it’s all about timing – who’s going to get to them first.

If you drip on prospective clients correctly you should receive a high percentage of positive feedback and a great amount of business. I think where some people get stuck is they are either dripping way too much or not enough. There is a happy medium, so get organized, create a plan and start dripping!

Danae Branson is the founder of Elite Scheduling Services. They specialize in appointment setting services for external wholesalers in the financial industry. You can view the website at http://www.eliteschedulingservices.com or reach Danae at 515.309.2838.


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