Increase Sales by Getting to Know Your Clients!

The sales industry can be a cut throat industry. There are so many professionals going after the same clients, vying for their attention – with so much competition out there how do you set yourself apart?

Listen to your clients! What do your clients really need help with? Yes, I’m sure you have an amazing new product that your clients will need and want but are you really solving their problems? Is there something else you can do to help them?

Next time you are in a sales meeting take a minute to really listen to your client or prospect. Ask them what is the main struggle in their business? What are their goals with their business? Become a partner in their business instead of being someone just trying to shove another product or service down their throat.

Form relationships! Long-term business relationships are the best for everyone involved. Those relationships take time and patience but they pay off in the long-term. In order for you to succeed you should have an interest in the success of your clients.

Look for ways to help your clients? I know sales professionals that pay for products and/or services to help their clients increase their business. They might hire their client a virtual assistant or pay for a subscription to a product or service that will help them with their business.

When a sales person takes a genuine interest in their clients great things can happen. Your clients may start doing more business, they might start sharing their experience with others and they will probably become long-term clients.

One thing to remember, is you aren’t going to make everyone happy but you hope to make the majority of people happy. If you are interested in learning more about how you can offer a value added service to your clients please feel free to give me a call – I’d love to chat and I’d love to hear what your main struggle with your business is.

Let’s get to know each other. 515.309.2838. Danae Branson, Elite Scheduling Services


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