Increase 3rd Quarter Sales

It’s the second to last week in August and EVERYONE is on vacation! Well maybe not everyone but a lot of people are spending the last few weeks taking the summer vacation that they’ve put off all season, they are spending a last few precious days with their children before they go back to school and they are pushing off work until AFTER Labor Day.

This is the excuse I hear a lot from sales professionals and sometimes even I succumb to the last few weeks of summer bust. But if I’m sitting in my office writing and you are sitting in your office reading this and have appointments on the calendar then that means there are some driven people out there that you CAN see.

The easiest way to boost 3rd quarter sales:

*Go back to this time last year to see who was still around and available to meet. Chances are they are around again this year so call them and get them on the calendar.

*Spend a few minutes compiling a list of the people you really want to see AFTER Labor Day. After the Labor Day holiday we still have 19 business days left in the quarter.

*Call that list from above and get those people on your calendar ASAP.

*Plan a fun summer event to get clients and prospects together. The golf course is great this time of year and depending on your location and/or your target market you can do a beach day, clam bake, outdoor excursion. I know a Financial Advisor in Florida that does salon days with her female clients – they can each bring a friend (prospects…yay!) I also know one that does a weekly morning walk with clients and they can bring friends. It’s turned into a walk club and it’s really helped her business take off! Get creative!

*Perfect your hook …. Why would someone want to spend 30 minutes with you versus sitting at the beach or by the pool? What do you have to offer your client/prospect that is so great that they’ll want to listen to you?

*Always keep a follow-up list. Go to the follow-up list to see who you couldn’t get on the calendar last quarter and get them on the calendar this quarter.

*Meet your client/prospect where they’d rather be. If they’d rather be at the pool, or the beach or the zoo – meet them there.

* Instead of the typical coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner or happy hour choices mix it up. Meet for ice cream, at an outdoor patio or a tiki bar. Think of all the fun things you love to do in the summer and mix it in with your meetings. It makes for an enjoyable summer for everyone!

*Since September is also football season – there are endless possibilities to incorporate a game or football themed event into getting some clients/prospects together.

I’m having so much fun coming up with new things I just realized I’m getting a bit windy. At the end of the day just keep working – you must continue to call and market your services to keep a steady stream of business. If you need help with that steady stream of business you can always hire help!

Good luck with 3rd quarter sales!

Danae Branson is the founder of Elite Scheduling Services. Elite specializes in appointment setting services for external wholesalers and other sales professionals in the financial industry. You can learn more about the services at




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