What Are You Waiting For?


I’m coming up on a big birthday and as most people do when they are approaching yet another decade they look at what they’ve accomplished and what they have yet to accomplish. As I’ve aged I’ve realized that family is most important, experiences are more fun than having a bunch of material items and life’s too short not to follow your dreams.


So when it comes to doing what makes you happy what are you waiting for? I’m assuming you can’t pull the trigger on your dreams because the timing isn’t right or you’re afraid of what people will think? Or better yet, I bet you are afraid of failing.


Here’s the hard truth – timing isn’t always everything. I started my company in the financial industry smack dab in the middle of the Great Recession that lasted during the late 2000s and early 2010s. I thrived – why? Because of hard work, dedication, persistence, consistence and drive. Certain people in the industry told me I was crazy for starting my business at a time when the investment firms were slashing budgets. Recession or not, there was still a need for my services and they were valuable in a time of great need. People can do amazing things when they put their mind to it. When you look at the scheme of things – there is never a good time to start anything. Looking back I’m so glad I went ahead and just did it!


When it comes to what your peers think – your peers are going to think what they’re going to think regardless of what you’re doing. Are you worried about what everyone else around you is doing? Is your day consumed with thoughts of your friend’s new needlepoint business? Are you agonizing over your neighbor’s latest venture selling Mary Kay? I bet you are losing sleep over your cousin quitting his lucrative job as a financial consultant to go back to school to become an architect.  Chances are you don’t care that much. You probably think – good for them – they are doing what they love. That is how people will feel about your latest venture. Good for you!


Fear loves to rear it’s ugly head at the most un-opportune times. How do you banish fear? Welcome it – fear is good, it keeps you on your toes. Use the fear to keep moving forward. How does this work? You have a dream and you are really passionate about that dream so what causes you more fear? The fear of failure or the fear of never realizing the dream? Most people are more afraid of the latter so use that fear to push you towards your next step. Once you take the steps to realize a dream it will get easier and easier to proceed. Your sheer will will continue to push you closer and closer to realizing that dream – you’ll reach that point of no return and the fear will no longer keep you from something – it will push you closer to it.


So what excuses do you have left? Write them down. Are they valid or are they purely just excuses? If they are just stupid excuses keeping you from realizing a dream them throw them away and start pursuing your dreams. If they seem valid ask yourself are they worth holding you back from happiness? Most like the answer is no. Throw them away and starting making things happen.


What are you waiting for?


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