Plan for Success, Plan for Chaos

The holidays are fast approaching and for some that means there’s no doubt chaos will ensue! This year my goal is to plan ahead, to be prepared and if chaos rears its head – well that’s life. Flexibility and improvisation are traits to be desired.

What are the best steps to take to ensure this holiday season is as low stress and fun as possible? I’m going to share those with you now.

  1. Get organized! Take few minutes over this week and update your calendar for November and December. Include all of your holiday work parties, kids’ events, family gatherings, etc. After you’ve updated your calendar for the next two months you should have a clear picture of how many ‘working’ days you have left in the year. You may think this seems early but here’s the deal – do it now while you are LESS BUSY! Too many people wait until they are overwhelmed and then try to get organized. It’s so much easier to get organized now. Your future self will thank you!
  2. Create a list of goals that you’d like to accomplish over the next two months. This can include work, personal, travel, etc. Once you have them written down implement them into your calendar. If you have sales goals – look at how many working days you have left and figure out how much you need to sell each of those days to meet your goal and put that into your calendar.
  3. Say NO! The holidays are a crazy busy time and also a time where it seems everyone needs you for something – if it’s not important to you or your business feel free to say no.
  4. Plan ahead. Start putting things into your calendar so that you are prepared. This may be for work or home. For instance you may need to schedule time to send holiday cards for your business, or you may need to create a gift list of all of the people you need to purchase for. The more you plan and the earlier you get things done the better you will feel!
  5. Enlist help if necessary. Now that you are looking ahead you can see when and where you may need extra help to accomplish everything you need to accomplish for the remainder of the year. There are lots of things you can outsource from holiday cards and gift purchasing to appointment setting and social media marketing. Figure out what you need and get someone now.


If you do all of these things you’ll sleep better and be better prepared for the chaos. Remember in business and life, it’s all about balance. You have to take the bad with the good because the bad makes the good that much sweeter.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Danae Branson owns Elite Scheduling Services, LLC and is the Co-Founder of Elite Virtual Assistants.


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