The New Site Is Up

After sharing with everyone on Tuesday, how awful my current site was, I got the new site up and running and I have to say… it’s much better! This site is more inline with what we are trying to accomplish at Elite so for those of you thinking about creating a new website or updating an existing site here are a few things to think about.


What is your brand? What is your story, your vision, your mission? Your brand is who you are. I LOVE the color blue so that’s reflected in my brand and my site, I love the saying ‘Life is about the journey not the destination’ and I wear a compass necklace so I implemented the compass in my logo. I am passionate about guiding people to success! The site is better but it will still evolve as I do – and your brand will evolve as you do.

If your company is a personal brand – as in your name be sure to post several pictures of yourself so people can get a clear picture of who you are and what you do AND share your story! Why did you start your business – what challenges and obstacles did you overcome to get where you are today – was there a need you saw and you were led to fulfill it! As I’ve said before I could spend days, weeks, months and years writing about brand.


Have you ever looked at a site that has so much going on you don’t even know where to begin or what buttons to push? Today, so many people are looking at sites on their phone so you want to choose a layout that looks good on mobile and that is easy to follow. If a site is too busy or too overwhelming a persons anxiety level will increase and they’ll hop of your site almost immediately. Same goes for sites that are too dull – like my last site – it wasn’t real appealing to the eye and seemed drab or dull. People will perceive your products or services as drab or dull.


Put the most relevant content on your site. I feel like some people put way too much content on their sites and I’m not sure where this is coming from because people don’t have time to read a novel while looking at your site. Most people don’t want to know your entire life story or the innate details of the inner workings of your brain or business. They want to know who you are, what you do, how you can help them and what others have to say about your service. And the last one is optional. I know plenty of people getting business without testimonials on their site – it depends on your niche.

Contact Info

Please for all that is holy put your contact information on your site! I am amazed at how many people today have these beautiful professional sites and then don’t put anywhere on the site how you can contact them. It’s actually quite strange. There have been a handful of people over the years who have lost my business simply because I can’t figure out how to contact them. Don’t make people work too hard for your contact information.

Social Media Links

Somewhere on your page be sure to link your social media content so people can find you elsewhere. They may follow you on social media or they may want to check out your social media as a form of learning more about you and your brand – so make sure your social media is up to date and consist with your website.

Just Publish It Already

If you are starting a business and are afraid to hit publish because that announces to the world that you are starting a business – just hit publish already! Your site will never be 100% perfect in your eyes. You’ll update it and change it as time goes on, as I mentioned above, your site will evolve as you do. Follow the steps above, check it for continuity and grammar and then publish it. It’s time you leap fearlessly and start your journey towards success!



1 thought on “The New Site Is Up

  1. Carrie Aulenbacher

    Great job – those strips transition great and draw the eye! Love the color scheme. You’re right when you say “Just publish it already.” Life is short and once we’ve got it, we need to jump in and share it with the world!


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