Increase 4th Quarter Sales

The fourth quarter is here and you know what that means? Quickly scramble to try and fill your calendar with as many appointments as possible to make as many sales as possible to close out the year!

Well, how do you do that?

  1. If you haven’t done this already –start now and brand yourself! Even if you are employed by a company you can still have a personal brand. What type of sales person are you? Do you have a signature quote, saying or symbol? Start building relationships with your clients so that when they see your quote or symbol they think of you.

For example, years ago I worked for a successful financial advisor who always wore black and gold, he drove a black and gold car, and his website, print media and business cards all bore his black and gold signature. To this day when I see black and gold I think of him. Black and gold were part of his brand and he carried that through everything he did.

So who are you? What’s your story? Do you often find yourself talking about golf, sports, family, fashion or philanthropy? What is it about you that you can brand?

2. Put yourself in your client’s shoes. If you were a client or prospective client, why would you want to see you? What do you have to offer? How can you serve others? What exciting information do you have to share? Why is there urgency in setting the meeting to take place before the end of the year?

These are all very important questions to ask yourself and will help you generate more appointments.

3. Offer alternative ways to connect. People get very busy over the holidays and if you want to connect you may have to offer a phone appointment, lunch, breakfast, coffee, happy hour, or meet them somewhere they need to be. Do they need to run to the mall to do some shopping? If so meet them there. What about the coffee shop right next to the grocery store, dry cleaners or any other errand they may have to run before or after your meeting. Make your appointment with them as convenient and time effective as possible.

4. Bring them something useful. Tell your prospect or client that you have something for them and would like to stop by to drop it off and chat for about 10 minutes. Around the holiday season useful things could be a ham or turkey, cookies, chocolates, poinsettias, a bottle of wine or champagne, or if you want to get really creative give them stamps they can use for their holiday cards, gift tags, wrapping paper, ribbon or a fun family game that they can use at any gathering. Think about what you would love someone to give you around the holidays no matter how practical it may be.

5. Hire a scheduling assistant. The holidays are a busy time for you included! A scheduling assistant can make calls and get the appointments on the calendar so your sole focus can be on making sales and spending time with family.

I’ve been spending the past 7 years growing a specialized scheduling service for external wholesalers, financial advisors and other financial professionals. My service has grown to serve hundreds of clients and includes over 60 professional scheduling assistants. These assistants have a minimum of 5 years of scheduling experience in the financial industry and no matter what product, channel or territory you are in I would have someone on my team that would be a great fit for you.

We provide our clients with a quality service that offers the highest return on investment possible as well as the ability to stand out against the competition. Do you have prospects you’ve been trying to get in front of for months? My team of schedulers have been able to get our clients in front of prospects that others had called on and been unsuccessful at scheduling.

Through word of mouth referrals and LinkedIn my business is growing again and as an entrepreneur I embrace that growth. If you are interested in visiting with how a scheduling assistant can help you grow your business and increase sales, please call me at 515.309.2838. I’d love to chat!

My website is in the process of being updated to reflect our true brand but please feel free to visit the current site at


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