Inspiration from Ivanka Trump

I was recently interviewed for an article about Ivanka Trump and wanted to share that article and my thoughts about it with you.

I am a mother and entrepreneur and look for motivation and inspiration to keep me going and Ivanka’s website includes some great posts. I DO believe that Ivanka Trump is changing the world and she has inspired thousands of women to do the same. These women are gaining the confidence to start companies, provide jobs and keep the economy growing. They are inspiring their daughters, nieces, sisters, mothers and friends to believe in themselves, to stand up for what they believe in and to live the life they want to live. Ivanka is supported by women of all races, religions and political affiliations. Some of her work affiliates are Hillary Clinton supporters but they appreciate the way Ivanka chooses to participate in the presidential election. Even though we are all very different we can come together for common goals and change the world!

The great thing about this article is the fact that everyone that was interviewed, along with the writer, felt that they could give their own opinions. Although I don’t share all of the same opinions as the writer I appreciate her giving me the opportunity to share mine. I appreciate her speaking her own mind and I appreciate her standing up for what she believes in. Just because two people don’t share the same opinions on certain topics doesn’t mean they might not share the opinions on others. Like I always tell my children, thank goodness we are all different – otherwise we’d all want the same houses, the same jobs, the same cars and how boring would that make life.

We should embrace the uniqueness in each other and celebrate that there are many different people out there following their dreams, trying to change the world and trying to set a good example. What one person views as world changing may not match the definition of what another person views as world changing. The truth of the matter is that just by being yourself and sticking up for what you believe in is changing the world. Our day-to-day actions mean a great deal. I don’t feel that in order to change the world you need to constantly be posting on social media. Yes, social media is a great place to start a conversation about important issues and a great place to create awareness but you may be able to create the same awareness at the kitchen table with your children, at your book club or a local event.

With all that’s going on in the world it doesn’t help to point a finger at someone and accuse them of not raising the important issues, or not doing more with their status to create awareness. Let’s work together, not attack one another. Don’t expect others to fight your battles for you – another lesson I’ve taught my kids – if you want something go for it, fight for it, no one else is going to do it for you. If there is a will, then there’s a way and if you put your mind to it, you can move mountains!






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