Top 5 Promotional Trends of 2016

  1. Cheap is out – Quality is in. Companies are starting to spend a bit more on high-end items that offer value to their prospects. Everyone can give a cheap item but a high quality nice item – people fight over those. Adult coloring books, Bluetooth speakers, bags & coolers, mobile phone accessories and fitness trackers are all the rage!  fitness tracker
  2. Eco-Friendly products are hot! As everyone is becoming more and more environmentally conscious so is their need to have eco-friendly items. Recycled items like notebooks, bamboo pens and biodegradable cotton tote bags will be more popular than ever as companies strive to make a positive impact on their customers—and on the environment. eco notebook
  3. It’s all in the packaging. As companies continue to find ways to stand out against the competition clever packaging is a unique way to offer a quality promo item in packaging that allows you to incorporate your brand. For example – The JuiceBox is a 4400m/ah lithium ion power bank that works with all mobile devices. It has ample capacity to give your mobile devices one and a half full charges! The JuiceBox is sleek in size so it could easily fit in your pocket, purse, or backpack. The packaging for this model is like nothing else out there, it is literally a JuiceBox. Look like a creative genius with this unique and very useful item. juicebox bank
  4. Tech accessories galore. New tech accessories are popping up everywhere and the more popular they become the more affordable they are to businesses. Bluetooth speakers, power banks, chargers and even selfie sticks are hot! selfie stick
  5. Everyday marketing strategies. Companies are incorporating promo items into their lead generation, sales cycles and recruitment strategies to great success. Instead of giving out the same $1 or $2 item to everyone at your vendor shows and conferences create a tiered promo product strategy.

    Creating a truly effective promotional product strategy takes time and resources, but it works! This is an area of marketing that many companies will be focusing on now and in the future.

    For example: anyone can take a pens or Smart Wallet from the table. But in order to receive one of your branded Bluetooth speakers, a qualified prospect will need to provide their contact information. That way you can ensure that, not only are you generating leads, but you’re only giving away your “big ticket” items to fully qualified prospects.bluetooth speaker

Danae Branson owns Elite Scheduling Services, LLC, and is the Co-Founder of Elite Virtual Assistants. If you are interested in learning more please check out or give us a call at 515.309.2838.




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