Sleep Your Way to the Top

Arianna Huffington is sleeping her way to the top, quite literally with her new book, Sleep Revolution. One of our Elite Virtual Assistant clients, Doug Sander with The Nice Guys Podcast, had the honor of interviewing Arianna recently about her new book and the interview was so awesome I wanted to write a blog post about it.

Not that she needs an introduction but Arianna Huffington is a Greek American author, syndicated columnist and occasional actress. She is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post. After suffering from sleep deprivation to the point of falling asleep at her desk one day and breaking her cheek bone she decided to start researching the benefits of sleep.

She soon realized that our cultural beliefs of ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ and ‘Sleep is for losers’ were dead wrong. She found that getting enough sleep benefited health, decision making, performance, productivity and so much more! Many people are burning themselves out in the name of success when it’s actually the lack of sleep that could be depriving them of the success that they seek.

The brain cleans out the toxins of the day during sleep and when you deprive your brain of following through with that function it causes problems. In the book she writes about exactly what can happen to people who are sleep deprived. Think of it as being drunk. You become so tired you don’t even know what you are doing anymore. You are far less productive and can easily waste a day or more just living in a fog.

Arianna says that once you start getting a good night’s sleep you’ll see a huge improvement in your productivity. You may be able to get more done in one hour than you had ever dreamed. In her research she found that Americans work more, sleep less and are less productive than people in other countries. We have more sick days and are more distracted and a lot of it is because of lack of sleep.

If you can find your ‘sleep – life’ balance you’ll be more efficient and in turn, more creative. You need to fully recharge your body in order to operate at maximum efficiency. Think of yourself as your precious cell phone that you must have with you wherever you go. If you stopped charging your cell phone, let’s be honest, it could totally ruin your life. If you stop charging your body, it can do the same.

Arianna is committed to changing our culture. She want’s everyone to realize that sleep is for winners! Sleep is the best performance enhancer there is so let’s forget burnout. Now are you excited about sleeping your way to the top?


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