Create Your Opportunity

Are you passing up opportunities to make more money?

A good business person is always trying to figure out ways to make more money, right?

You could decrease costs, increase sales – seems simple enough but what if there was something staring you right in the face? An opportunity that you could grab that would make you more money, an opportunity you may not even realize yet.

This happened to me. A few years ago, my scheduling assistants and virtual assistants started coming to me asking me where they could find promotional marketing items for our clients. They were spending hours researching where to find good prices on quality products with reliable companies and they were getting frustrated. It wasn’t until I realized that several clients were asking their assistants to research promotional marketing items that it hit me. Why don’t I provide promotional marketing items for them? The assistants can purchase them from my company and it would provide another service as well as remove the frustration from the assistants. I realized I was passing up opportunities to make more money!

Like the typical Type A I am, I did my research and found that it would take some creative thinking to make this work. This was a service that businesses typically don’t just have as an add on, it’s typically their main business. After two years, yes – my company is always growing so it did take me two years – I figured it out! Ever heard the saying, “Where there’s a will there’s a way?” This has always been my motto. I am now able to provide millions of quality promotional marketing items at great prices for my clients. I am now working on a marketing campaign and a website to get the word out – If you dream it, we can deliver it!

The point I’m trying to get across is take a good long look at your business. Are there products or services that people are coming to you asking for and you keep turning them away? Are there opportunities staring you in the face and you just aren’t seeing them because you are so busy with everything else? You hear these stories all the time. What do your clients want? What are your clients asking for? Are there ways to help them even more?

By asking yourself those questions you could unlock an entire new idea on a product and/or service to offer. One that could grow your business even more than you ever imagined. Create your next opportunity, now!

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