Have you lost your vision?

You are probably thinking – of course I haven’t lost my vision, I am able to read this article. I’m talking about vision for your business – vision for your career?

My vision for my company was to help more people grow their businesses and to provide more jobs for hardworking, qualified individuals. Then, my vision was to start another company to help even more people and to add more services and products. My business plan is ever changing due to my vision and due to the marketplace.

My vision has always been to set myself apart, to be unique, and to be real. What is your vision? In order to have a successful business, you have to have a vision for what you want your business to become. Many times, business’ grow stagnant over lack of vision and sometimes lack of vision comes from lack of motivation.

Being an entrepreneur, especially a one-person company or a small business, isn’t easy but it can be very fulfilling and rewarding and a lot of fun! If you have lost your vision – how do you get it back? There are various ways to ignite that spark again. Here are just a few…

• Take a vacation. A lot of my great ideas come to me while I’m on vacation. I’m relaxed and I’ve given myself permission not to think about work and ideas start to flow.

• Start an accountability group. Ask two or three of your friends to join you once per month to discuss business plans, marketing plans, business ideas, whatever you would like. Then, create a To Do list of things you’ll have done by the next meeting. You will all hold each other accountable and you’ll all be a great source of motivation for one another. Be sure to choose like-minded individuals for maximum success (i.e. people who are going to hold you accountable and want you to do the same for them).

• Revisit your goals. What are your financial goals? What are your personal goals? Where does your business need to be, to reach those? Looking at your goals and how far or close you are to reaching them might be the kick in the pants you need.

• Watch an inspirational movie, television show or read an inspirational book. Inspiration and vision can come by watching and/or reading about other people’s stories.

• Think back to why you started your business in the first place, what was your vision then? How has that changed and why?

• Be creative! Have fun with your businesses, try new things. You might create a new vision for your business just by trying something new – something no one else is doing.

• Be fearless! Being an entrepreneur means taking risks. So that takes us back to number six, don’t be afraid to try something funny and/or creative to create a buzz.

Since being creative is my favorite thing to write about, be sure to watch for next week’s blog about being creative and using humor in your marketing!

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