Triple your efficiency with a Virtual Assistant

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – I use a virtual assistant (VA). You probably would expect that the owner of a VA firm would use a VA and you’d be correct. In fact, my VA posted this blog for me and added the fun graphic and made sure it was posted on all of my social media. I write the content but she helps me come up with topics and makes sure the world sees what I write.

I use to do everything on my own but then one day I found myself in a vicious cycle of marketing, then on-boarding new clients and repeat. I would spend hours for a few weeks each month marketing and posting on social media. Then suddenly I’d have a bunch of new clients that needed the service and I would get so busy, that I’d quit marketing. I’d then spend weeks on-boarding the new clients and once they were all set up and working with their VA I’d have to start marketing again to get new clients. See what was happening? Two weeks marketing, two weeks on-boarding clients and repeat. I realized I wanted a constant stream of new clients and in order to accomplish that I’d needed a constant stream of marketing.

Since I didn’t have enough hours in the day to do it all, I decided I needed to use my own service. It made total sense and what better marketing tool for my business than to show how successful my company had become from using a VA. Duh! My efficiency has tripled since I hired my virtual assistant. I now get to spend my days visiting with clients, finding out what they need and talking to them about how we can help! I get to do what I love best – helping people grow their business and their income by using my service!

My assistant has allowed me to continue to grow the company without all the stops and starts. She keeps me organized and I no longer stress about getting everything done. As the company is growing, her role is growing and that’s been fun for both of us! She has helped me grow my business and my income.

Are you ready to triple your efficiency?

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