Eliminate Cold Calling

Do you hate cold calling? People ask me all the time about cold calling and if there are ways around it. I have found in business there are three types of people when it comes to cold calling.

  1. Those who don’t mind cold calling. Yes, they do exist! They are motivated and driven and think of cold-calling as a must to increase business.
  2. Those who HATE cold calling with a passion and prefer to pay a virtual assistant or scheduling assistant to do their cold calling for them so they can just focus on selling! Selling is what they love best and by eliminating cold calling they can maximize their time in front of clients.
  3. And those who hate cold calling and don’t want to hire an assistant yet want to figure out another way to get around it.

The good news is, there is a way around cold calling! If you utilize social media, word-of-mouth marketing and networking you will be able to eliminate cold calling in your business. Now this will take time and effort but if you love social media and networking then you’ll do great! If you don’t want cold calling, don’t want to hire a cold caller and don’t want to do your own social media and networking then you can hire a virtual assistant to do your social media and networking for you.

So how do you use social media and networking specifically to eliminate cold calling? You do the following.

  1. Create an awesome platform and establish yourself as an expert! Utilize your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog … whatever social media is pertinent to your business. You only want to spend time on the social media that your target market is using! For example – don’t spend a ton of time on Linked In if your target market is retirees. Chances are they aren’t on Linked In. But if your target market is small business owners, then yes, chances are they are on Linked In!
  2. Create a social media calendar. Once you have some great content and prove that you are an expert on your social media, create a calendar to consistently post. Everyone wants free advice and tips. Write engaging blog posts and post them to all of your social media. Encourage your readers to share your content and comment. If you offer a free newsletter post about it on social media.
  3. Capture email addresses on your website! Whenever someone visits your website have them sign up for a free e-newsletter, or emails about tips, tricks, whatever your business may be – send them the free advice. These people are likely to turn into customers and they came to you.
  4. Book speaking engagements. Depending on your target market you may get in front of more people by speaking. If you are a financial advisor speak at a local professional organization or group, be a guest speaker at a college, speak at a local conference, be an instructor for your local adult education courses – everyone wants to learn more about saving and investing their money!
  5. Write articles! Many communities have local papers, magazines and other blogs that your target market reads. Write articles and guest blog posts on the subject you are an expert in. If your expertise is in Building Wealth with Real Estate, then write about it and get the info out there!
  6. Network with professionals you can help grow their business and they can help you grow yours. For instance many times financial advisors, CPAs and attorneys build networks with one another and refer business to each other. If you have 100 clients and your attorney has 100 clients suddenly now you both have access to 100 more potential clients! Talk about growth opportunity!
  7. Offer an online course! Many people these days are taking online courses to learn more about subjects that interest them. Many people are also making a lot of money on these online courses! Develop a course teaching others what you know. Promote your course online and not only are you now suddenly making more money – you are maximizing your reach, your earning potential and the growth of your business.
  8. Ask your current clients to refer business to you. It can be as simple as saying – “If you know anyone interested in maximizing their income, please have them contact me.” Or something like that.
  9. Invest in yourself! Continue to take courses, hire additional help and increase your technology. It will only allow you to continue to grow your business the way you want to. And when you do those three things correctly the return on your investment will be great!
  10. Ask questions – Engage others on social media, your current clients and your network connections by asking “What do you want to know more about?” Keep track of those questions to determine what is the most commonly asked question you get? Take the answer to that question and run with it! Create a blog post or online course around those questions.

So what would you like to know more about? I’d like to know! Please leave a comment or email me at info@eliteschedulingservices.com.

There is a lot of business out there and it’s yours for the taking! So just reach out and grab it!

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