Social Media Cheat Sheet

It’s absolutely unbelievable what social media can do for a business but it can be time consuming letting people know you are out there and where they can find you. So to make it a little bit easier to find you why not create a social media cheat sheet that you can add to your website, blog, e-newsletter, email marketing or even printed flyer.

Your clients and prospective clients may not even know you are on Facebook or Twitter or whatever other platform you use. A sample sheet may look something like this. (Now this is content only – feel free to fancy it up a bit.) I’m using my fictitious company Bransle as an example.

Gas Up With Pure Marketing Fuel at Bransle Marketing

Facebook – Like us on Facebook and stay up to date on marketing tips, available online courses, discounts and online events. Find us at marketing.

Twitter – Check out our twitter handle @branslemarketing to get clever marketing tips, motivational quotes and news about our products and services.

YouTube – Visit Bransle Marketing to watch videos sharing the latest and greatest in marketing ideas and concepts.

LinkedIn – Want to connect on LinkedIn? Check us out at Bransle Marketing.

Blog – Read what’s happening at Bransle and how to get more fuel to run your business and increase sales at

e-newsletter – Sign up for our weekly e-newsletter and get marketing organizational tips sent to your inbox by going to (insert website – you should have an e-newsletter sign up on your homepage.)

And of course for everything Bransle – the fuel you need to grow your business – view our website at

Not only will this cheat sheet help your clients it will help you stay on top of your social media. Keep it in front of you and block out time each week to mange each of your platforms. If your company is growing and you need social media help you can always check us out at

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