What Are You Really Selling?

I am an entrepreneur and with the success of my company I’m in the process of building a second. I’ve learned a lot with my first business and so I’m using all of that ‘wisdom’ and then-some with business number two. The other day I was thinking about my new company (I’ll be offering online courses in marketing, entrepreneurship, crowd funding, sales & more) and I sat back for a moment and thought – what am I really selling? I know I’m selling online courses but why will people want to pay money for these? And it dawned on me. I’m not selling online courses – I’m selling fuel. Fuel that will ignite a dream, fuel that will ignite sales and fuel that will ignite a passion so deep that it will motivate a person to move mountains to achieve their goals in business and in life.

So what are you really selling? Think about it and when you figure it out use it to market your business. Use it to market your products and/or services. Once you figure out what you’re really selling you’ll be able to increase your sales, relate to more clients and customers, and most likely reignite the passion that you have for your business.

So who are? What are you really selling? And how does your product or service make a person’s life easier? These are the questions your prospects really want to know. And your answers will be the reason why they do business with you.

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