Simple Ways to Increase Your Sales

I talk to a lot of people about how they can increase their sales and especially after Labor Day weekend when everyone is back in their offices fresh off of summer vacations and sending their kids back to school, they want to ramp up their productivity for the last four months of the year in hopes of making the current year a banner one!

September is typically a busy month for me and so I wanted to share some of the tips I give my clients. Of course my #1 tip is –

  1. Hire a scheduling assistant! Your time is valuable and you need to be selling. Hire someone who can make the calls for you. They will prospect, call your clients, make follow-up calls, make confirmation calls and so much more.
  2. Host a lunch & learn – call people to attend or invite them with email and/or mailed invitations then follow up with them a day or two after the event. Don’t let those leads grow cold!
  3. Call those leads that you are paying for. This may sound silly but do you know how many people pay money for leads and never call them? I wish I had a specific number but it’s a lot. If you don’t have time to call them – hire an assistant. Otherwise paying for leads and never calling them is the same as throwing money down the toilet.
  4. Call your current clients and schedule a time to see them. You never know when the next sale will appear and so you need to keep in touch with people who have done business with you in the past. Chances are, they will do business with you again.
  5. Call any referrals you’ve received. You know you have a list of people who have been referred to you and you haven’t called them. Set aside some time and call them. They have money and they want to give it to you.
  6. If you aren’t too keen on number two, and I realize this tip isn’t super simple, host a golf outing or a clam bake or an appreciation party. Invite your current clients or invite your prospects family and/or friends. Sometimes you can make a sale through a spouse or friend. Your prospects have people in their lives that they value their opinions. Make those people have a great opinion about you!
  7. If all else fails, be consistent and persistent. The sales will come. To quote Stuart Smalley – “You’re good enough, you’re smart enough and doggone it, people like you.”





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