The Success of Timely Follow-Up Calls

Lately we’ve been hired to do a lot of follow-up calling. These are calls that we make to people after they’ve attended an event, seminar, appointment or have received a direct mailer, lead card or other information via mail or email. The key to good solid appointments when making these calls is doing it in a timely fashion!

You will find much greater success when you follow up with people within a few days to a week from the event and/or mailer. Waiting too long unfortunately can result in wasted opportunities, time and money. Our world is ever changing and the quicker we can follow up with any person and/or sales opportunity the better.

I admit that we don’t want to stalk people just to make a sale but when people are interested in something a lot of times they wait for someone to call them. For instance, Jan and Robert go to a financial planning seminar and listen to John Smith talk about retirement, life insurance and annuities. They are very interested in what Joe has to say and intend on doing business with him. They go home after the seminar and life happens, they get distracted and several weeks pass. John hasn’t called them and they’ve forgotten about getting their financial affairs in order.

When John finally does follow up with Jan and Robert they’ve either started working with another financial planner, have moved away or are just no longer interested. The moral of the story? Don’t let warm leads grow cold! This resulted in a wasted opportunity.

Unfortunately I see this happen a lot. I know people get busy but if your goal is to be a successful salesperson then you must make follow up calls in a timely fashion. That’s it … a follow up call. If you are just too busy then hire someone to do it for you! And at Elite Scheduling Services, LLC we’d be happy to help!

If you don’t feel the need to hire someone then get organized! Make a list of all the people that need a follow up call and set aside time in your calendar to make those calls. Keep an ongoing list and spend time each week just following up with people. Plug the names into your calendar, keep a spreadsheet on your computer or write the names down on a nice white pad of paper. Whatever it takes – just make the calls and you will see results!


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