Effectively Hire Great Employees!

Many of us reach that point in our small business when we can no longer go it alone. We have a lot we want to accomplish and we can only do so much. Thinking about hiring an employee, whether it be an independent contractor or not, can be scary. How do we find someone who is as passionate about our business as we are? How do we find someone that has the talents and knowledge to help us succeed?

It’s actually much simpler than you may think. There is a whole world of wildly talented people out there who would love to help you out in any capacity, whether you are looking for a full-time employee, a part-time employee or a freelance contractor. Here are the steps to finding the best person for the job.

  1.  Clearly define the position, salary and expectations. Having the expectations and responsibilities detailed as much as possible allows for greater success for your employee. It also saves you money because you know what you are paying for!
  2. Advertise – start telling everyone you know (I’ve always gotten far with word-of-mouth referrals). If you aren’t able to find the right candidate through word-of-mouth, place an ad in your local paper and/or place an ad online. Or, if you have the budget and you don’t have the time to filter through a bunch of resumes, hire a recruiter to find the right candidate for the job. There are a ton of recruiting agencies out there that will work for you even if you are only looking to hire one person.
  3. Develop interview questions – you want to make sure your candidate is qualified and clearly understands the position.
  4. Review resumes and identify the best candidates.
  5. Conduct phone interviews.
  6. Select your candidates and schedule in-person interviews (unless of course you’re hiring a virtual employee, then you might do a second phone interview).
  7. Select the best candidate.
  8. Do a background check if needed.
  9. Make them an offer!

Now you know how to find someone but what are you looking for? You want to hire someone who has the passion, loyalty, honesty and talents you are looking for but remember, you may NOT be hiring someone just like you. Depending on your needs you may want to hire someone whose talents will help you achieve the goals with your business. If you are great at networking but not great at social media then hire someone who can help you with your social media marketing. If you are great at sales but you aren’t great at finding the right people to get in front of than hire someone to schedule your appointments and get you in front of the right people.

In some cases you may want to hire someone who can do what you do. For instance, when I started Elite Scheduling Services I was the only scheduling assistant. But as demand for scheduling services grew, I needed to hire people who could do exactly what I did and, in a perfect world, do it better. I was fortunate to have already known people in the industry with the skills I was looking for. As my company grew even more I continued to find great talent through networking and word-of-mouth. Once I find a few candidates I follow the steps above. I conduct phone interviews and make sure they have the qualifications, personality and ambition I’m looking for. Then I make sure they have a clear understanding of what expected of them. If you are as clear and concise in the beginning you avoid many headaches in the future. If your position isn’t so defined then you need to make sure your candidate is aware of that too. You’ll be looking for someone who can roll with the punches, who is okay with doing something different day-to-day and someone who can really grow with the company and take on more responsibilities as they come up.

I’ve seen it happen far too often where either a candidate or an employer are not completely honest and up front in the beginning, whether it be regarding the hours, pay, responsibilities or expectations and it typically ends with the candidate searching for a new job and the employer back to square one.

The best way to hire the best employees? Trust your gut. You’ll know them when you see them, so snatch them up now before someone else does!




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