My Favorite Key To Success: Have Fun!


I am intrigued by entrepreneurs and I love to read about them, watch interviews with them and try to figure out what makes them so successful. I was watching an interview with Richard Branson and Marie Forleo. Marie has created a multi-million dollar company from scratch and is known as a job coach, life coach and developer of small business training programs. Her company’s mission is to help the world kick some major ass and have a damn good time along the way. This is what’s on her website!

Mr. Branson asked her what made her so successful. Her response? She likes to have fun and once she figured out that she could be herself and have fun in her business it made a world of difference for her. She is a goofball and people LOVE it! She’s honest and she’s herself. She doesn’t come off as fake or disingenuous. She’s raw and she’s real. She is passionate about what she does and she loves her job, which shows in the growth of her business.


Now I realize that there can be a fine line between having fun and what’s appropriate but I think as adults if you know your industry well you know what you can and can not get away with. No matter what your industry is, be creative, have a sense of humor and above all, be yourself. Don’t be afraid to let others see the real you, you may be surprised at how likable you can be. You may also be surprised at how much better you like your job, or your business. Being able to be yourself takes the pressure off of being someone that you’re not, it takes the frustration away from acting like a different person. If you find that you just can’t have fun with your job then maybe it’s time to find a new one, one you’re passionate about. One that makes you want to wake up every morning and go to work. One that makes you look forward to Monday.

business man jumps in the air

Or if you want to love the job you have then maybe think about investing in a job coach. There are many successful people out there who will say they wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for their job coach. Job coaches are fairly easy to find online, on LinkedIn or ask a friend. Most people know someone who uses a job coach.


I guess the bottom line is that if having fun has worked for so many others why shouldn’t it work for you? Everyone should know how to have fun, right? I love having fun and that’s why it’s my favorite key to success! So, Happy Tuesday! Have a great time and be successful. Success isn’t given, it’s earned and we can earn it by having a little fun.

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